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Last update 05.05.2016 04:38:51, Creator/Last Upload: kyrgyzstan chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1IMAbdyjapar Asyl13800337KGZ2385
8IMTologontegin Semetey13800574KGZ2355
10IMMarkov Mikhail13800698KGZ2343
2Maznitsin A13800302KGZ2241
4Esenbek Uulu Ilimbek13800680KGZ2154
7Taalaibekov Tagir13801163KGZ2148
5Isaev Chyngyz13801660KGZ2116
6CMSezdbekov Ruslan13801856KGZ2043
9Asanakunov J13800167KGZ2022
3Pahomeev Oleg13800914KGZ1994