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Cyprus Youth Chess Championship 2016 - Under 12 Open & Girls ΠΑΓΚΥΠΡΙΟ ΠΡΩΤΑΘΛΗΜΑ ΝΕΩΝ 2016 - U12

Last update 08.05.2016 17:50:56, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Hadjinicolaou Andreas5901103CYP16131776U12Famagusta
2Ioannides Liu Lian5904366CYP12941402U12GPASYDY-Nicosia
3Ioannides Liu Alice5904374CYP01283U12GPASYDY-Nicosia
4Antoniou Michalis5904293CYP00U12Larnaca
5Artemiou Giorgos5904285CYP00U12Larnaca
6Koushiou Solonas5904722CYP00U12Nicosia
7Sirotin Daniil5903637CYP00Limassol