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Первенство России 2016 г. по шахматам среди мальчиков до 11 лет

Last update 28.04.2016 14:09:29, Creator/Last Upload: vladimir fedorov, ia, rus

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Maneluk Daniil1801 23w1 39b1 26w1 3b½ 7w1 9b1 4w1 2b½ 8w½7,551,548,041,50
2Murzin Volodar2170 7w½ 45b1 10w1 9b1 8w1 4b½ 6w1 1w½ 3b½7,054,051,040,50
3Makoveev Ilya2137 14b1 20w1 32b1 1w½ 4b½ 12w½ 5b1 9w1 2w½7,053,549,540,25
4Ponomarev Grigori1940 35w1 37b1 11w1 6b1 3w½ 2w½ 1b0 10b1 7w½6,553,549,536,00
5Atovmian Artem1682 52w1 31b0 28w1 26b1 6w½ 7b1 3w0 13b1 21w16,545,042,531,00
6Krivenko Dmitry1536 19b1 12w1 17b1 4w0 5b½ 21w1 2b0 16b½ 15w16,050,545,531,25
7CMLystsov Leonid1569 2b½ 51w1 19b1 27w1 1b0 5w0 33b1 12w1 4b½6,049,046,528,25
8Vasilyev Alexey1828 22b1 27w½ 18b1 33w½ 2b0 44w1 11b½ 17w1 1b½6,047,044,029,00
9Trofimov Pavel1748 53b1 13w1 31b1 2w0 32b1 1w0 25b1 3b0 16w16,046,544,525,00
10Putrenko Kirill1647 41b½ 43w1 2b0 51w1 33b1 25w½ 12b1 4w0 28b16,041,539,024,00
11Safin Robert1618 50b1 40w1 4b0 44w1 25b0 22w1 8w½ 15b½ 19w16,041,538,525,00
12Titov Alexander1641 49w1 6b0 45w1 34b1 16w1 3b½ 10w0 7b0 26w15,544,541,523,00
13Tyurin Artem1532 15w1 9b0 16w0 37b1 39w½ 42b1 27b1 5w0 32w15,542,038,522,75
14Nikolaev Matvei1569 3w0 49b0 52w1 45b1 34w½ 39b1 15w0 33w1 25b15,536,534,019,50
15Ryabov Georgi1715 13b0 46w½ 38b1 17w1 27b½ 18w½ 14b1 11w½ 6b05,044,541,523,75
16Prokhorov Stepan1689 28b0 50w1 13b1 31w1 12b0 27w½ 18b1 6w½ 9b05,044,041,022,75
17Kharkevich Stepan1614 29w½ 36b1 6w0 15b0 28w1 34b1 26w1 8b0 23w½5,043,539,521,75
18Poroshin Aleksandr1599 47w½ 29b1 8w0 36b½ 20w1 15b½ 16w0 22b½ 34w15,041,538,522,00
19Ismagilov Igor1719 6w0 24b1 7w0 53b1 36w½ 20b½ 46w1 31w1 11b05,041,039,018,50
20Simonyan Grigori1589 34w1 3b0 49w1 25w½ 18b0 19w½ 44b1 21b0 36w15,040,537,518,75
21Dudarev Vladislav1772 43b½ 41w1 27b0 46w½ 31b1 6b0 40w1 20w1 5b05,039,536,519,25
22Khusnulgatin Artem1559 8w0 34b0 54w1 49b1 40w1 11b0 32w½ 18w½ 31b15,037,035,516,50
23Chumaevskiy Arseniy1552 1b0 38w0 50b½ 30w0 47b1 45w1 52b1 27w1 17b½5,037,034,517,00
24Chalov Egor1522 33b0 19w0 30b½ 47w1 51b½ 48w½ 42w1 32b½ 35w15,033,531,017,50
25Grebnev Aleksey1766 31w0 47b1 35w1 20b½ 11w1 10b½ 9w0 26b½ 14w04,544,041,020,75
26Makinyan Ruben1583 38b1 33w1 1b0 5w0 46b1 32w1 17b0 25w½ 12b04,544,041,017,25
27Merts Dmitrii1578 54w1 8b½ 21w1 7b0 15w½ 16b½ 13w0 23b0 42w14,542,541,018,00
28Kozachek Stanislav1484 16w1 32b0 5b0 48w½ 17b0 38w1 39w1 37b1 10w04,541,038,018,00
29Daurtsev Egor1850 17b½ 18w0 51b0 43w1 48b½ 31w0 53b1 40w1 33b½4,532,530,515,00
30Khokhlov Saveliy1650 39w0 35b0 24w½ 23b1 42w0 52b0 45b1 51w1 48b14,532,029,516,00
31Makov Artem1547 25b1 5w1 9w0 16b0 21w0 29b1 35w1 19b0 22w04,045,541,519,50
32Kochetov Vladislav1674 46b1 28w1 3w0 40b1 9w0 26b0 22b½ 24w½ 13b04,044,041,016,00
33Chugunov Vadim1710 24w1 26b0 53w1 8b½ 10w0 36b1 7w0 14b0 29w½4,043,541,516,25
34Osmanov Daniyal1650 20b0 22w1 48b1 12w0 14b½ 17w0 51b½ 46w1 18b04,039,537,015,00
35Gagarinov Andrey1562 4b0 30w1 25b0 38w1 44b0 41w1 31b0 48w1 24b04,038,035,015,00
36Smirnov Yaroslav1440 51b½ 17w0 43b1 18w½ 19b½ 33w0 48b½ 44w1 20b04,036,033,514,25
37Grunin Denis1605 44b1 4w0 40b0 13w0 41b0 49w1 43b1 28w0 47b14,036,033,012,50
38Semenov Anatoliy V.1650 26w0 23b1 15w0 35b0 52w½ 28b0 54w½ 53w1 46b14,032,030,512,00
39Kirushin Ivan1592 30b1 1w0 44b0 41w1 13b½ 14w0 28b0 47w½ 40b½3,540,537,514,00
40Derevshikov Nikita1650 42w1 11b0 37w1 32w0 22b0 53w1 21b0 29b0 39w½3,537,535,511,25
41Fedoseev Ilya1437 10w½ 21b0 42w½ 39b0 37w1 35b0 47b0 43w½ 51b13,535,032,513,00
42Sagdiev Daniel1599 40b0 44w0 41b½ 50w1 30b1 13w0 24b0 52w1 27b03,535,032,511,75
43Krivov Nikita1549 21w½ 10b0 36w0 29b0 45w½ 54b1 37w0 41b½ 44b13,534,533,010,25
44Kuznetsov Nikos1850 37w0 42b1 39w1 11b0 35w1 8b0 20w0 36b0 43w03,039,536,011,00
45Ivanov Maxim1650 48b1 2w0 12b0 14w0 43b½ 23b0 30w0 50b½ 54w13,038,537,07,75
46Toropov Lev1466 32w0 15b½ 47w1 21b½ 26w0 51w1 19b0 34b0 38w03,037,034,510,50
47Vakhitov Tymur1850 18b½ 25w0 46b0 24b0 23w0 50b1 41w1 39b½ 37w03,036,533,510,75
48Mamochev Aleksei1598 45w0 52b1 34w0 28b½ 29w½ 24b½ 36w½ 35b0 30w03,036,033,511,50
49Kagan Mikhail1429 12b0 14w1 20b0 22w0 53b0 37b0 50w0 54b1 52w13,034,032,59,50
50Kasparov Georgy1365 11w0 16b0 23w½ 42b0 54b0 47w0 49b1 45w½ 53b13,032,030,59,00
51Ogloblin Ilya1670 36w½ 7b0 29w1 10b0 24w½ 46b0 34w½ 30b0 41w02,540,537,511,00
52Dubinenko Konstantin1483 5b0 48w0 14b0 54w1 38b½ 30w1 23w0 42b0 49b02,536,535,08,00
53Surkov Alexander1540 9w0 54b1 33b0 19w0 49w1 40b0 29w0 38b0 50w02,034,533,04,50
54Sultanahmedov Bulat1850 27b0 53w0 22b0 52b0 50w1 43w0 38b½ 49w0 45b01,530,528,55,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable