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National Youth Chess Championship 2016 Under 08 Boys

Last update 23.04.2016 13:17:15, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Wickramarathne T D1149SRI204w1 67b1 95w1 42b1 24w1 29b1 4w1 3b0 26w1 9b19,00,064,058,5
2Dissanayake Yadeesha Rashmane0SRI 84w1177b1 48w0152b1 31w1 65b1 29w1 28b1 5w1 6b19,00,060,555,5
3Thennakoon Disara1132SRI 75b1216w1144b1 17w½139w1 48b1 18b1 1w1 9b0 16w18,50,062,558,0
4Bandara T M H I0SRI275b1196w1 25b1 41w1 43b1138w1 1b0 15w½ 12b1 17w18,50,062,558,0
5Hettiarachchi D W K1253SRI164b1 15w½ 27b1 34w1148b1 18w½ 52b1 8w1 2b0 31w18,00,064,059,0
6Kulathilake S M M P1021SRI189w1 69b1 38w1 70b1 49w½ 23b½ 30w1 16w1 7b1 2w08,00,062,557,0
7Sathsilu H F Nimnaal0SRI230w1150b0119w1 37b1 39w1 10b1 32w1 50b1 6w0 26b18,00,060,555,5
8Hansana G Haritha0SRI 48w0 59b1269w1 87b1 80w1 11b1 23w1 5b0 65w1 24b18,00,060,054,0
9Dinsara S H Senuth0SRI167w1277b1157w1 49b0153w1 55b1 24w1 25b1 3w1 1w08,00,058,053,0
10De Silva G W D Sudam M0SRI110b1 24w0 83b1256w1 89b1 7w0137b1 41w1 90b1 15w18,00,057,552,5
11Udawalpola J V0SRI 50w1211b1 58w1 32b0142w1 8w0147b1146b1 51w1 37b18,00,057,052,0
12Gunatilake M D Vinuda Shenal0SRI291w1 80b1 23w0140b1157w1 66b1 53w1 70b1 4w0 30b18,00,056,551,5
13Bandara Kavidith0SRI125b1151w½ 15b½137w0 75b1108w1 74b1 84w1 28w1 23b18,00,055,050,0
14Ranasinghe R A S C1013SRI226b1168w1303b1108w1 29b0 28w0 72w1 34b1 70w1 25b18,00,053,549,5
15Madurasinghe M.D.D0SRI289w1 5b½ 13w½141b1 45w1 35b1 77w1 4b½ 33w1 10b07,50,064,059,5
16Dhanushikan G0SRI256w1195b1 65w1 66b1 23w½ 49b1 17w1 6b0 19w1 3b07,50,060,556,0
17Kulasooriya A P B0SRI154w1234b1141w1 3b½ 54w1 36w1 16b0 48b1 49w1 4b07,50,060,055,5
18Weerathunga W D Malisha Sasvin0SRI169w1135b1165w1142b1 26w1 5b½ 3w0 19b0 58w1 59b17,50,059,554,5
19Nimthara T R M Sathija0SRI298b1136w0200b1 21w½ 56b1148w1188b1 18w1 16b0 57w17,50,054,550,0
20Bhavanan J0SRI341b+ 74w1137b1 43w0109b½ 27w0199b1111w1 52b1 48w17,50,053,048,5
21Basnayake B M T Aken0SRI137b0275w1116w1 19b½ 69w1 98b1 48w0189b1 50w1 49b17,50,053,048,0
22Herath H.M.S.S.B.0SRI129w1 86b0102w1 80b0 57w½154b1112w1188w1114b1 53b17,50,051,546,5
23Ukwaththa U M K A0SRI334b+219w1 12b1 97w1 16b½ 6w½ 8b0 46w1 42b1 13w07,00,063,559,0
24Perera K Upeksha Induwara0SRI 61w1 10b1302w+145w1 1b0163w1 9b0136w1 39b1 8w07,00,062,557,5
25Mintharu Sl Sanuka0SRI328b+ 33b1 4w0 85b1 78w1217b1 44w1 9w0 73b1 14w07,00,062,057,0
26Egodage Vikash Ranrishi0SRI153b1259w1 71b1 35w1 18b0 68w1138b1 27w1 1b0 7w07,00,061,056,0
27Wimalasiri S.A Pabalu0SRI312w1146b1 5w0189b1 42w1 20b1 51w1 26b0 30w0 88b17,00,059,554,0
28Pallewela Sakindu Hirunaka0SRI286w1287b1 54w½ 51b½ 79w1 14b1 33w1 2w0 13b0 77b17,00,059,056,5
29Ranasinghe R H D0SRI180w1229b1309w1 78b1 14w1 1w0 2b0 33b0 79w1 76b17,00,059,055,0
30Nayakkara A Sonal Anjana0SRI220b1149w1 56b1 36w0223b1136w1 6b0 35w1 27b1 12w07,00,058,554,5
31Rathnayake Minaga Yethmin0SRI 82b½198w1162b1 52w½ 2b0161w1155b1 44w1 32w1 5b07,00,058,553,5
32Disura G.P.D0SRI207b1156w1 68b1 11w1138b0 71w1 7b0 87w1 31b0 89w17,00,057,552,5
33Bandara A H M G N0SRI250b1 25w0125b1 81w1137b1 41w1 28b0 29w1 15b0 93w17,00,057,552,5
34Nimasanda Kh Savitha0SRI299b1124w1 76b½ 5b0121w1 82w1 36b½ 14w0145b1 85w17,00,056,551,5
35Weerasooriya Navinu0SRI317w1 46b1218w1 26b0 38w1 15w0 40b1 30b0188w1 67b17,00,056,052,0
36Induwara T H D Thisarindu1069SRI244w1276b1194w1 30b1 48w½ 17b0 34w½ 49b0 81w1 74b17,00,054,050,0
37Gunawardana Senuda Amarasiri0SRI 68b0179w1259b1 7w0233b1207w1156b1 43w1 55b1 11w07,00,054,050,0
38Kethmira Walpalage Dinel0SRI 62b1266w1 6b0126w1 35b0149w1 73b0220w1 94b1 71w17,00,054,050,0
39Dissanayake D M S L0SRI345w+117w1 41b0306w1 7b0 93w1110b1140b1 24w0 84b17,00,054,049,5
40KirittisĀ  K.0SRI166w1181b1 77w1139b0100w1 53b0 35w0141b1 66w1 73b17,00,053,548,5
41Sandadiya E A Gagana0SRI322w1268b1 39w1 4b0192w1 33b0120w1 10b0143b1101w17,00,053,050,5
42Kodituwakku Kk Dinujaya0SRI225b1279w1136b1 1w0 27b0223w1141w1139b1 23w0100b17,00,053,049,0
43Sasmitha D Nadula0SRI221w1264b1228w1 20b1 4w0 44b0209w1 37b0142w1 92b17,00,052,549,0
44Bhanuka A L Yashith0SRI -0318b1236w1110w1108b1 43w1 25b0 31b0 69w1 70b17,00,052,548,5
45Athukorala Enuka U B0SRI 81b0247w1191b1 96w1 15b0276w1 67b0 75w1 83b1 90w17,00,052,048,0
46Jayawickrama P.Y.S0SRI130b1 35w0 73b0174w1232b1278w+ 66w1 23b0140w1 68w17,00,052,047,0
47Hendavitharana D.S0SRI265w1 66b0 80w0107b1305w1140b0102w1217b1 86w1 65b17,00,049,545,0
48Silva W H K P0SRI 8b1197w1 2b1155w1 36b½ 3w0 21b1 17w0 60w1 20b06,50,065,560,5
49Tharul D.V.Y.M0SRI333b+158w1143b1 9w1 6b½ 16w0 54b1 36w1 17b0 21w06,50,061,557,0
50Induwara Lh Hirun Adeesha0SRI 11b0130w½212b1159w1122b1118w1115b1 7w0 21b0114w16,50,056,051,0
51Hansana Mg Kemira0SRI193b½262w1151b1 28w½ 94b1 73w1 27b0138w1 11b0 55w½6,50,055,551,0
52Jayarathna Sharada Induwara0SRI353w+ 72b½188w1 31b½ 86w1139b1 5w0 59b½ 20w0126b16,50,055,551,0
53Walisundara W M P N B0SRI148b0270w1 75b1144w1147b1 40w1 12b0 67w1 85b½ 22w06,50,054,550,0
54Dharan A0SRI208b1 93w1 28b½193w1 17b0109w1 49w0 72b1 59w0125b16,50,054,049,5
55Rupasinghe Lakithu0SRI127b1101w1155b0143w1113b1 9w0172b1 76w1 37w0 51b½6,50,054,049,0
56Bandara Ka Thinura0SRI283w1 83b1 30w0 69b½ 19w0100b1189w0202b1191b+108w16,50,052,548,0
57Wanasinghe Dinitha0SRI325b1303w0 99b0285w1 22b½127w1164b1 63w1136b+ 19b06,50,051,548,5
58Helakumara R S S0SRI233b1280w1 11b0 68w0260b1114w½190b1 62w1 18b0115w16,50,051,047,5
59Senavirathne A M Yashika Hesha0SRI197b0 8w0131b1230w1170b1219w1143b1 52w½ 54b1 18w06,50,050,547,0
60Ganepola G A D L D0SRI349b+102b1 66w0114w1 68b0111w½263b1115w1 48b0118w16,50,050,546,0
61De Silva Y Thaviru Gayanuka0SRI 24b0208w1 93b1109w0175b1 74w0108b½263w1190b1111w16,50,049,044,5
62Wijerathne Rehan Navantha0SRI 38w0169b1 67w0317b1218w1165b½173w1 58b0112w1149b16,50,048,544,5
63Dissanayake I S Emal0SRI238w1152b0195w½202b1 91w1 72b0217w1 57b0116w1129b16,50,046,542,5
64Dinusara N Sehan0SRI 91w0304b0292w1171b0321w1283b1277w1116b½109w1117b16,50,041,538,5
65Samarakoon Vivash Ransara0SRI281b1113w1 16b0224w1101b1 2w0 97b1145w1 8b0 47w06,00,058,054,0
66Siriwardhana Sanuka0SRI170b1 47w1 60b1 16w0219b1 12w0 46b0 97w1 40b0147w16,00,057,553,0
67Kumarasinghe B.P.B.0SRI232b1 1w0 62b1225w1136b0220w1 45w1 53b0139w+ 35w06,00,056,552,5
68Senarathne S.H.K.A.0SRI 37w1308b1 32w0 58b1 60w1 26b0142w0 95b1146w1 46b06,00,056,551,5
69Muthunayake W Ginura Pethmin0SRI223b1 6w0149b+ 56w½ 21b0105w1 99b½155w1 44b0145w16,00,055,551,0
70Perera K C D0SRI293b1200w1163b1 6w0222b1 76w1145b1 12w0 14b0 44w06,00,055,051,0
71Tennakoon T.M Rithil Nethmitha0SRI237w1240b1 26w0 95b1 92w1 32b0146w0 98b1106w1 38b06,00,054,550,0
72Vidarshana Th Oshith W0SRI335w+ 52w½ 82b1148w0 99b1 63w1 14b0 54w0 96b½164w16,00,054,549,5
73Venuka Kithnal0SRI 92w1218b0 46w1194b1146w1 51b0 38w1142b1 25w0 40w06,00,054,050,0
74Nuwanjith K.D.H0SRI261w1 20b0206w1 79b0134w1 61b1 13w0227b1149w1 36w06,00,053,549,5
75Liyanage K P L0SRI 3w0133b1 53w0320b1 13w0234b1166w1 45b0227w1154b16,00,053,049,0
76Bopage N B S K0SRI343w+116b1 34w½ 91b1217w½ 70b0117w1 55b0152w1 29w06,00,053,048,0
77Abeywickrama Imalka Induwara0SRI247b1175w1 40b0226w1128b1156w1 15b0 90w0110b1 28w06,00,052,548,5
78Bandara B.M.P.G.S.Nethun0SRI271b1191w1 96b1 29w0 25b0 81w0168b1 99w1 93b0151w16,00,052,547,5
79Banneheka B M I A0SRI340w+108w0104b1 74w1 28b0199w½151b1 81w½ 29b0168w16,00,052,047,5
80Semasinghe S M M H0SRI267b1 12w0 47b1 22w1 8b0143w0158b0224w1221b1169w16,00,051,548,0
81Masakorala Lithum Chithruka0SRI 45w1141b0234w1 33b0282w1 78b1 85w½ 79b½ 36b0163w16,00,051,547,5
82Ekanayake E.M.S.D.0SRI 31w½178b1 72w0190b1201w1 34b0 88w½117b½ 91w½152b16,00,051,547,0
83Perera Manura0SRI105b1 56w0 10w0103b0308w1307b1258w1120b1 45w0142b16,00,051,048,0
84Ranasinghe R S0SRI 2b0324w1281b1113w0224b1288w1163b1 13b0172w1 39w06,00,050,546,5
85Bandara Isath Lasen0SRI151b0271w1196b1 25w0303b1 96w1 81b½191w1 53w½ 34b06,00,050,046,5
86Sithlaka K H S0SRI131b1 22w1 97b0257w1 52b0144w0219b1158w1 47b0173w16,00,050,045,5
87Saravanakayan Skandarajah0SRI143b0161w1170b1 8w0158b1257w1113b1 32b0 92w0144w16,00,050,045,5
88Mansitha S K Senuka0SRI136b0293w1278b0200w1132b½124w1 82b½163w1138b1 27w06,00,050,045,5
89Ranupama Ovindu0SRI245w1228b0308w1150b1 10w0119b½ 92w½209b1103w1 32b06,00,049,546,0
90Perera B Sashindu0SRI182w1121b0261w1222w0162b1192b1150w1 77b1 10w0 45b06,00,049,545,5
91Pulsara Ka Nethma0SRI 64b1162w½159b1 76w0 63b0132w½205b½257w1 82b½161w16,00,049,545,0
92Jayakody J A D H0SRI 73b0253w1280b1233w1 71b0 94w½ 89b½156w1 87b1 43w06,00,049,046,0
93Perera N Dumitha0SRI123w1 54b0 61w0268b1228w1 39b0229w1218b1 78w1 33b06,00,049,045,5
94Sisuru Km Sineth0SRI119w0221b1237w1218b1 51w0 92b½ 98w½135b1 38w0176b16,00,048,545,0
95Jithsara M.V.A Pamith0SRI296w1249b1 1b0 71w0278b0297w1193b1 68w0166w1140b16,00,048,545,0
96Maleen Wap0SRI326b+160b1 78w0 45b0261w1 85b0242w½124b1 72w½159w16,00,048,544,5
97Gimhana Ug Kaveesha0SRI269w1310b1 86w1 23b0156w0157b1 65w0 66b0178w1153b16,00,048,044,5
98Kanakarathna Ravindu Praveen0SRI212b½118w½260b1115w½241b1 21w0 94b½ 71w0225b1138w+6,00,047,543,5
99Liyanage S Y C0SRI160w0327b1 57w1154b½ 72w0201b1 69w½ 78b0182w1179b16,00,047,543,0
100Wijayabanara H M Thathsilu Abi0SRI147b0285w1168b1303w1 40b0 56w0128b1239w1144b1 42w06,00,047,044,0
101Dodangolla Ishan0SRI190w1 55b0277w1304b1 65w0235b1140w0171b1153w1 41b06,00,046,543,5
102Senevirathne D C B K0SRI332w+ 60w0 22b0197w0285b1224w1 47b0267w1158b1143w16,00,046,042,5
103Dissanayake G.R.U.D.0SRI262b½193w0199b½ 83w1256b0196w1235b1104w1 89b0137w16,00,044,541,0
104Pathiraja P M S D0SRI145b0319w1 79w0210b1258w0180b1192w1103b0150w1172b16,00,044,540,5
105Dehigaspitiya D D Senidu0SRI 83w0214b1231w0185b½195w1 69b0122w½277b1171w1167b16,00,044,040,0
106Liyanage Venuk Hansaja0SRI149b0298w1279b1136w0220b0300w1223b1222w1 71b0174w16,00,042,038,5
107Upathissa O N0SRI323b1257w0147b0 47w0318b1170w1290b1144w0218w1146b+6,00,040,537,5
108Nissanka Thenura0SRI222w1 79b1121w1 14b0 44w0 13b0 61w½206b1123w1 56b05,50,057,052,5
109Piyarathne D.G.Mokitha Luthmin0SRI134w1302b0258w1 61b1 20w½ 54b0123w0205w1 64b0197w15,50,052,548,0
110Pelige Tharin Hansana0SRI 10w0182b1287w1 44b0229w1258b1 39w0150b1 77w0120b½5,50,052,048,0
111Priyakalpa P A Mayura0SRI302w0282b1183w1243w1145b0 60b½119w1 20b0121w1 61b05,50,050,046,0
112Methsara K A D Minidu0SRI188b½159w0130b1127w1115b0198w1 22b0132w1 62b0192w15,50,050,045,5
113Dulsandu Pk Lithum0SRI321w1 65b0167w1 84b1 55w0153b1 87w0152b0177w1122b½5,50,050,045,0
114Rukshan K A Sapna0SRI150w0245b1322w1 60b0240w1 58b½165w1123b1 22w0 50b05,50,049,546,0
115Upananda K Ravina Dewsanda0SRI184w½120b1160w½ 98b½112w1242b1 50w0 60b0194w1 58b05,50,049,045,0
116Patikirikorala D Methuka0SRI329w+ 76w0 21b0319w1243b1222w1136b0 64w½ 63b0205w15,50,049,045,0
117Ranasingha Rashmika0SRI183w1 39b0264w1229b1155b1145w0 76b0 82w½127b1 64w05,50,048,544,5
118Supunsara K Sandalu0SRI120w½ 98b½211w1165b½173w1 50b0160w½194b½119w1 60b05,50,048,544,0
119Hasandu K V Kenula0SRI 94b1138w0 7b0259w1297b1 89w½111b0238w1118b0190w15,50,048,044,5
120Hennedi Hirun Ranthula Tikira0SRI118b½115w0316b1160b½249w1193w1 41b0 83w0156b1110w½5,50,048,044,0
121Damsara P D Nethum0SRI294b1 90w1108b0122w½ 34b0151w0265b1256w1111b0204w15,50,046,543,5
122Perera Tenuja Akasha0SRI282w1258b1192w0121b½ 50w0123b0105b½162w1222b1113w½5,50,046,542,5
123Dehoedt Yenul Akean0SRI 93b0255w1256b0191w½315b1122w1109b1114w0108b0199w15,50,046,542,5
124Alwis B H A Rasidu Mihiranga0SRI318w1 34b0283w1217b0189w½ 88b0232b1 96w0202w1209b15,50,046,043,0
125Nawarathne Risinu Nimdinu0SRI 13w0227b1 33w0282b0210w1228b1206w½261b1198b1 54w05,50,046,042,5
126Walpola W K N P0SRI142w0187b1317w1 38b0237w½173b0245w1213b1189w+ 52w05,50,046,042,0
127Fernando W Gaviru0SRI 55w0190b½178w1112b0185w1 57b0241w1231b1117w0201b15,50,046,042,0
128Kollalpitiya N.C.0SRI201w1217b0305w1166b1 77w0141b0100w0181b1133w½188b15,50,045,541,0
129Tennakoon Akitha0SRI 22b0131w1219b0170w0247b1270w1257b½148w1197b1 63w05,50,044,541,0
130Wanigasooriya W A N G0SRI 46w0 50b½112w0221b0133w½244b1184w1219b1209w½213b15,50,044,040,5
131Haturusinghe S L K0SRI 86w0129b0 59w0291b1254w1305b+256b½190w0263b1193w15,50,043,039,5
132Dilanka E Dumidu0SRI195w0256b0208w1236b1 88w½ 91b½231w½112b0196w1194b15,50,043,039,0
133Amarakon Heshan V0SRI216b0 75w0176b½262w0130b½318w+247w1275w1128b½215w15,50,041,037,5
134Dharmika U G Vishwadinu Dewmin0SRI109b0263w0294b1196w1 74b0175w0246b½279w1226b1195w15,50,040,036,5
135Kahadugoda K.K.C.N0SRI253b1 18w0297b0284w0259b1260w1280b1 94w0203b½198w15,50,038,535,5
136Aththanayaka A M Chanithu Yunal0SRI 88w1 19b1 42w0106b1 67w1 30b0116w1 24b0 57w- -05,00,058,052,5
137Nimsitha Tharuk0SRI 21w1206b1 20w0 13b1 33w0227b1 10w0172w0220b1103b05,00,057,053,0
138Thilakarathna Venuja0SRI213w1119b1150w1192b1 32w1 4b0 26w0 51b0 88w0 98b-5,00,056,051,5
139Vishmika H A Thisara0SRI285b1147w1257b1 40w1 3b0 52w0144b1 42w0 67b- -05,00,055,050,5
140Sandamitha M.Savithu0SRI161b1143w0197b1 12w0267b1 47w1101b1 39w0 46b0 95w05,00,054,550,0
141Ariyawansa Chalitha Jayalal0SRI339w+ 81w1 17b0 15w0203b1128w1 42b0 40w0173b0218w15,00,054,550,0
142Jayaweera K M0SRI126b1260w1203b1 18w0 11b0225w1 68b1 73w0 43b0 83w05,00,054,050,0
143Gunarathne D M A K0SRI 87w1140b1 49w0 55b0304w1 80b1 59w0157b1 41w0102b05,00,053,548,5
144Karunananda A G S S0SRI354w+248b1 3w0 53b0234w1 86b1139w0107b1100w0 87b05,00,053,049,0
145Dasanayake D M Dinodh0SRI104w1231b1152w1 24b0111w1117b1 70w0 65b0 34w0 69b05,00,053,048,0
146Keerthiratne Adeepa0SRI320b1 27w0174b1297w1 73b0160w1 71b1 11w0 68b0107w-5,00,052,549,0
147Kavithma Ll Thimaru0SRI100w1139b0107w1248b1 53w0251b1 11w0149b0160w1 66b05,00,052,548,5
148Jayathilake Y.D.D Dineth0SRI 53w1305b1217w½ 72b1 5w0 19b0191w0129b0241w½227b15,00,052,048,0
149Abeysingha G A S D0SRI106w1 30b0 69w-195b1204w1 38b0276w1147w1 74b0 62w05,00,051,547,5
150Fernando M.B.Kanchana Vihanga0SRI114b1 7w1138b0 89w0306b1256w1 90b0110w0104b0246w15,00,051,547,0

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)