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National Youth Chess Championship 2016 Under 10 Boys

Last update 23.04.2016 13:46:47, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Gunarathne Senila Amaneth1126SRI157w1 51b1 56w1 67b1 3w1 2b1 4w1 7b½ 5w½8,01,053,548,5
2Sandaruwan M G Ravindu1144SRI161b1 59w1 38b1 50w1 13b1 1w0 29b1 12w1 7w18,00,051,045,5
3De Silva L M S T1331SRI138b1101w1 31b1 9w1 1b0 32w1 13b1 14w½ 19b17,50,050,546,0
4Karunaratne Rahel Chaanakya1101SRI 53b1205w1 16b1 7w½ 47b1 46w1 1b0 17w1 23b17,50,049,544,5
5Sanuka Chandul Dalawalla1146SRI191b1152w1 15b1 14w1 46b½ 12w½ 28b1 9w1 1b½7,50,049,045,0
6Ekanayake Hasindu Chiranga1113SRI148b1169w1 71b1 28w1 29b1 8w½ 7b0 47w1 14b17,50,047,042,5
7Mathes Arachchi Bhanila1280SRI252w1105b1 66w1 4b½ 30w1 18b1 6w1 1w½ 2b07,00,053,048,5
8Akash P A Oditha1184SRI168w1 17b1 40w1 68b1 12w½ 6b½ 9w0 28b1 18w17,00,051,546,0
9Marapana Sanupa Bimsath1105SRI200b1103w1111b1 3b0110w1 57w1 8b1 5b0 32w17,00,046,542,5
10Chandes K Yasindu1160SRI119w1 75b1 67w0179b1 39w1 68b1 12b0 71w1 31b17,00,043,539,0
11Jayaweera Gamage Disindu Hans1081SRI103b- 54b½180w1103b1164w1 56b1 33w½ 69b1 36w17,00,039,036,0
12Kiriella K G T S D0SRI 24b1 37w1 52b1 21w1 8b½ 5b½ 10w1 2b0 13w½6,50,054,548,5
13Sathmina S L Lalindu1083SRI 54w1117b1 36w1100b1 2w0 34b1 3w0 30b1 12b½6,50,050,045,5
14Gamage Mesanda1079SRI166w1107b1 34w1 5b0101w1 73b1 22w1 3b½ 6w06,50,049,044,5
15Amarathunga W A C Y0SRI 77w1 78b1 5w0 62b1 22w0161b1 34w1 33b1 25w½6,50,047,542,5
16Jayasanka S A D S0SRI 27w1 25b1 4w0 66b0112w1 40b1134w1 21b½ 46b16,50,047,042,0
17Galagamuwa Induwara0SRI 95w1 8w0165b1 76w1 50b1 52w½ 46b1 4b0 55w16,50,046,041,0
18Denuwan G S1012SRI155b½209w1163b1 42w1 48b1 7w0 37b1 26w1 8b06,50,045,041,5
19Samaraweera Dimuth Indeepa1150SRI238w+137b1 39w1 47b½ 20w0 70b1 58w1 49b1 3w06,50,044,540,5
20Akash S1086SRI147b1104w1 35b½106w1 19b1 29w0 24b1 23w0 48b16,50,044,540,0
21Pelangoda U.P.G.M.S.1140SRI239w+ 88b1 70w½ 12b0105w1 38b1 30w½ 16w½ 60b16,50,044,040,0
22Dineth S A Induwara1191SRI 86b1 72w1 28b0 74w1 15b1102w1 14b0 60w½ 47b16,50,044,039,5
23Perera Mn Akash1176SRI236b+164b1 47w0 69b½ 79w1 67b1 52w1 20b1 4w06,50,043,539,5
24Nabil Nazar1156SRI 12w0156b1 61w1 75b1134w1 66b½ 20w0 70b1 58w16,50,043,538,5
25Senevirathne A M L M1130SRI176b1 16w0103b½ 65w1 72b½ 83w1 57b1 77w1 15b½6,50,042,038,0
26Thanuja Dewsara1145SRI136w1 83b1134w1 30b0 70w½106b1 66w1 18b0 49w16,50,041,537,0
27Wijesinghe P.G.Y.M.0SRI 16b0 -1168w1 91b1 67w½100b0101w1 80b1 52w16,50,039,536,0
28Liyanage Pesandu Rashmitha1045SRI242w+ 90b1 22w1 6b0 36w1135b1 5w0 8w0 92b16,00,049,544,5
29Mahagodage Janitha Idusara1196SRI177w1 82b1 49b1 55w1 6w0 20b1 2w0 32b0 75w16,00,048,543,5
30Perera K Saviru Rashien Dilru1035SRI207w1153b1 48b1 26w1 7b0 37w½ 21b½ 13w0 77b16,00,046,542,5
31Rajasinghe T S Thewnuja1057SRI 45w1184b1 3w0149b1 73w0 59b1 41w1 35b1 10w06,00,046,542,5
32Herath H M D A B1054SRI120w1 63b1135w0 88b1 69w1 3b0 53w1 29w1 9b06,00,045,040,5
33Abhayawardhana Nirma Pahasara1164SRI237b+ 41b½ 69w0 54b1114w1 35w1 11b½ 15w0 83b16,00,044,540,0
34Thenuwara K R Omal0SRI201b1 57w1 14b0111w1 60b1 13w0 15b0139w1 79w16,00,044,040,0
35Wickramasingha T.S.0SRI232w+ 79b1 20w½ 70b½ 40w1 33b0108w1 31w0 74b16,00,043,539,0
36Senevirathne S D B K0SRI143b1108w1 13b0 71w1 28b0139w1102b1 50w1 11b06,00,043,039,0
37Arunakirinathan Aruthran1103SRI 61w1 12b0170w1137b1146w1 30b½ 18w0 56b1 39w½6,00,043,039,0
38De Silva W Yomesh Lakshan0SRI198w1214b1 2w0118b1 55b½ 21w0 84b½107w1 85b16,00,041,038,0
39Wijethunga W L D V R1011SRI243b+173w1 19b0161w1 10b0138w1 74b1 48w½ 37b½6,00,041,037,5
40Saravanabavaan Brijeash1044SRI185b1206w1 8b0 81w1 35b0 16w0178b1136w1 73b16,00,040,037,0
41Gavith J K0SRI145b1 33w½102b½ 48w0165b1109w1 31b0 89w1 76b16,00,040,036,0
42Senethu Liyana Hewage0SRI188b1113w½ 80w1 18b0163b1 49w0105b1102w½ 71b16,00,038,535,0
43Weerawansha W D C D0SRI 59b0 53w1176b0205w1 81b1 74w0138b1 72w1 82w16,00,037,034,0
44Dunusinghe R R1038SRI144w0166b½207w1 90b1 51w0124b1 86w1 92b½ 69w16,00,037,033,5
45Nawanjana R A T0SRI 31b0208w1 58w0180b1 82w0112b1182w1108b1 66w16,00,036,533,5
46Liyanage R L Jayana S1100SRI240w+144b1 87w1135b1 5w½ 4b0 17w0 51b1 16w05,50,047,543,5
47Jayawardane M S Nimnajith1037SRI213b1165w1 23b1 19w½ 4w0 51b1135w1 6b0 22w05,50,047,044,0
48Thusra Hg Thoshintha1169SRI124w1 74b1 30w0 41b1 18w0 75b1 87w1 39b½ 20w05,50,045,540,5
49Perera Mn Anuk1046SRI241b+195b1 29w0 51b½ 86w1 42b1 55w1 19w0 26b05,50,044,540,5
50Gamage G.D.P.A.1065SRI170w1 62b1 93w1 2b0 17w0137b1 82w1 36b0 53w½5,50,044,540,5
51Jayasinghe Kaveesha Chandupa0SRI 89b1 1w0140b1 49w½ 44b1 47w0 64b1 46w0102b15,50,044,540,0
52Rathnakumara H M T N1090SRI156w1 73b1 12w0 83b1 87w1 17b½ 23b0104w1 27b05,50,044,039,5
53Lewdeni L P T C0SRI 4w0 43b0 99w1 95b1126w1115w1 32b0134b+ 50b½5,50,044,039,5
54Mannaperuma M.M.Pamuda Thamara0SRI 13b0 11w½ 85b1 33w0 96b1171w1106w1 55b0121w15,50,044,039,5
55Wijesooriya Senithu1098SRI125b1 84w1141b1 29b0 38w½104w1 49b0 54w1 17b05,50,042,538,0
56De Silva L.M.N.0SRI186b1140w1 1b0 78w½141b1 11w0162b1 37w0104b15,50,042,039,0
57Bandara Yasith Yapa0SRI123w1 34b0117w1206b1100w1 9b0 25w0 61b½116w15,50,042,038,0
58Rajapaksha Sethum Damhiru1061SRI205b0 85w1 45b1 59w1104b½162w1 19b0 78w1 24b05,50,041,538,5
59Hewage Adithya0SRI 43w1 2b0175w1 58b0186w1 31w0142b½122w1100b15,50,041,538,5
60Panthaka W J N Malindu1017SRI 92w1150b1100w0177b1 34w0 88b1 73w1 22b½ 21w05,50,041,537,5
61Laksiri A A Kavishka0SRI 37b0 89w1 24b0145w1108b0183w1111b1 57w½113b+5,50,040,536,5
62Punchihewa Hasith Thevindu0SRI121w1 50w0130b1 15w0111b0126b½167w1106b1101w15,50,039,034,5
63Rajapaksha Dulitha0SRI 64b1 32w0114w½ 80b0124w0132b1172w1110w1130b15,50,039,034,5
64Aluwiharage Sethika Helith D0SRI 63w0120b1210w1107b½162b0147w1 51w0125b1119w15,50,036,033,0
65Nazar Nawid0SRI 66w0193b1167w½ 25b0214w1 79b0126w1171w1115b15,50,035,532,5
66Kodithuwakku Dulin Nethsuka1055SRI 65b1181w1 7b0 16w1109b1 24w½ 26b0 76w½ 45b05,00,047,543,0
67Jayawardana Lesath Thewnija1022SRI159b1128w1 10b1 1w0 27b½ 23w0 77b0161w1 81b½5,00,045,541,5
68Raaid J D M1066SRI 98b1162w1 76b1 8w0 84b1 10w0 72b1 -0 -05,00,045,541,0
69Sandika K Hiruka0SRI227w+102w½ 33b1 23w½ 32b0111w1113b1 11w0 44b05,00,044,540,0
70Arachchi H G N0SRI216b1116w1 21b½ 35w½ 26b½ 19w0125b1 24w0 78b½5,00,044,540,0
71Denagamuwa D.V.S.C.0SRI174w1109b1 6w0 36b0144w1181b1100w1 10b0 42w05,00,043,539,5
72Ellalagoda E M U N0SRI247w+ 22b0 90w½ 97b1 25w½151b1 68w0 43b0150w15,00,043,039,0
73Perera W V A S P0SRI208b1 52w0115b1108w1 31b1 14w0 60b0143w1 40w05,00,042,538,5
74Gamage Sanula Udan0SRI151w1 48w0128b1 22b0206w1 43b1 39w0 95b1 35w05,00,042,538,5
75Gunathilake G A Z W0SRI183b1 10w0173b1 24w0123b1 48w0128b1109w1 29b05,00,042,038,5
76Wijesinghe W A A Methsara0SRI131w1130b1 68w0 17b0119w1167b1 80w½ 66b½ 41w05,00,042,037,5
77Ranasinghe Thinuga Devanjith0SRI 15b0188w1139b0152w1 91w1143b1 67w1 25b0 30w05,00,041,037,0
78Subaweera Senuka S0SRI114w1 15w0169b1 56b½ 80w½101b½129w1 58b0 70w½5,00,041,036,5
79Dharmasena W M S S B0SRI202b1 35w0162b½ 96w1 23b0 65w1 85b½118w1 34b05,00,040,537,5
80Anjana Kh Adithya0SRI 85b½155w1 42b0 63w1 78b½176w1 76b½ 27w0 84b½5,00,040,537,0
81Jayathilaka W M Yasas0SRI135w0112b1211w1 40b0 43w0 93b1 99w1100b½ 67w½5,00,040,536,0
82Ekanayake D S0SRI215b1 29w0195b1109w0 45b1116w1 50b0 94w1 43b05,00,040,037,0
83Happarachchi H A Leaandu H 0SRI217w1 26w0187b1 52w0118b1 25b0151w1135b+ 33w05,00,040,037,0
84Perera R.A.D.Nimath Nethvidu0SRI222w+ 55b0126w1127b1 68w0146b½ 38w½121b½ 80w½5,00,040,036,0
85Ranasinghe W R A Kiala Sathsil0SRI 80w½ 58b0 54w0207b1103w1164b1 79w½ 87b1 38w05,00,039,036,0
86Jayawardana P.M.S0SRI 22w0212b1 97w½132b1 49b0122w1 44b0142w½140b15,00,039,035,0
87Dineth Navindu0SRI187b1 94w1 46b0116w1 52b0150w1 48b0 85w0153b15,00,038,534,5
88Inan I I M R0SRI250w+ 21w0183b1 32w0154b1 60w0116b0181w+141w15,00,037,033,5
89Yapa Y A Mayantha Sathmitha0SRI 51w0 61b0156w1185w1178b0120b1177w1 41b0167w15,00,036,533,0
90Rathnayake Dihen0SRI115b1 28w0 72b½ 44w0171b0200w1163b1105w½139b15,00,036,032,5
91Fransisco E.H.Menuka Dervwin0SRI141b0218w1153b1 27w0 77b0123w1107b0159b1142w15,00,036,032,0
92Pathirana Pamith Kithmin0SRI 60b0115w0188b1199w½190b1163w1110b1 44w½ 28w05,00,035,532,5
93Thulasign T0SRI158b1110w1 50b0101w0138b0 81w0185b1178w+149w15,00,035,031,5
94Wijenayake Thamidu0SRI233w+ 87b0177w0120b0159w1144b1168w1 82b0148w15,00,035,031,0
95Thumindu Rodrigo0SRI 17b0178w0191b1 53w0169b1185w1152b1 74w0138b15,00,034,031,5
96Ruwanpura Nethum Niduth0SRI106w0172b1164w½ 79b0 54w0158b1194w1114b½146w15,00,034,031,0
97Silva Ethige Harinya Matheesha0SRI101b0138w1 86b½ 72w0199b1127w0147b½177b+152w15,00,034,030,5
98Methmika K A Lithum0SRI 68w0121b0208b1122w0215b1140w½145b½182w1143b15,00,033,030,0
99Warnakulasooriya Dehain0SRI179b0161w0 53b0160w1205b1199w1 81b0176w1136b15,00,030,027,5
100Dissanayaka Anupama1152SRI178b1179w1 60b1 13w0 57b0 27w1 71b0 81w½ 59w04,50,043,039,0
101Dissanayake Nudam D0SRI 97w1 3b0184w1 93b1 14b0 78w½ 27b0165w1 62b04,50,042,539,5
102Jayasuriya Nethul Trevor1012SRI210w1 69b½ 41w½136b1151w1 22b0 36w0 42b½ 51w04,50,042,538,5
103Mapitigamaarachchi S M0SRI 11w+ 9b0 25w½ 11w0 85b0202w1141b½193b1133w½4,50,041,538,5
104Peris P G S0SRI127w1 20b0182w1121b1 58w½ 55b0146w1 52b0 56w04,50,041,537,5
105Dissanayake T S0SRI112w1 7w0181b1141w½ 21b0166b1 42w0 90b½123w½4,50,041,037,0
106Bandara Viduna Lewke0SRI 96b1190w½154b1 20b0107w1 26w0 54b0 62w0166b14,50,040,537,0
107Premarathna H K H N0SRI167w1 14w0199b1 64w½106b0114b½ 91w1 38b0108w½4,50,040,036,5
108Aknath B G S0SRI189w1 36b0144w1 73b0 61w1136w1 35b0 45w0107b½4,50,040,036,0
109Weheragoda Ha Menula0SRI149w1 71w0148b1 82b1 66w0 41b0131w1 75b0124w½4,50,039,535,0
110Cooray M H D0SRI118w1 93b0189w1123b1 9b0125w½ 92w0 63b0165b14,50,039,035,5
111Dinsara R L Viduna0SRI211w1180b1 9w0 34b0 62w1 69b0 61w0144b1120w½4,50,038,536,5
112Suraweera M Wickum Gaginda Jay0SRI105b0 81w0160b1148w1 16b0 45w0205b1168b1129w½4,50,038,535,0
113Akalanka K D K0SRI244w+ 42b½132w1146b½135w0177b1 69w0119b½ 61w-4,50,038,034,0
114Dissanayake Sasandu Upeksha0SRI 78b0216w1 63b½190w1 33b0107w½150b½ 96w½118b½4,50,037,534,5
115Aryasinghe K D Sanuka0SRI 90w0 92b1 73w0159b1120w1 53b0161w½162b1 65w04,50,037,534,0
116Sureshcumar Atchayan0SRI172w1 70b0129w1 87b0149w1 82b0 88w1130w½ 57b04,50,037,533,5
117Ponnaperuma W Vasath0SRI223w+ 13w0 57b0130w1143b0121b0179w1137b1127w½4,50,037,533,5
118Samarathunga S S R0SRI110b0201w1152b1 38w0 83w0149b1137w1 79b0114w½4,50,036,532,5
119Karunasena A D0SRI 10b0183w0215b1187w1 76b0154w1127b1113w½ 64b04,50,036,033,0
120Nethaka K A Tharuk0SRI 32b0 64w0204b1 94w1115b0 89w0183b1188w1111b½4,50,036,033,0
121Aluwiharage Sanuka Nelith Th0SRI 62b0 98w1185b1104w0161b0117w1176b1 84w½ 54b04,50,035,532,5
122Weerakkody Minaga Renuja0SRI137w0136b0157w1 98b1131w½ 86b0166w1 59b0164w14,50,035,532,0
123Sakshiyan N0SRI 57b0143w1194b1110w0 75w0 91b0169b1160w1105b½4,50,035,032,5
124Kamburugamuwa Bihandu0SRI 48b0145w0192b1202w½ 63b1 44w0187b1140w½109b½4,50,035,032,5
125Madushan S S0SRI 55w0127b0253w1183b1182w1110b½ 70w0 64w0171b14,50,034,531,5
126Binuwara K L Methula0SRI220b1141w0 84b0216w1 53b0 62w½ 65b0151b1162w14,50,034,531,5
127Adikari T C B0SRI104b0125w1205b1 84w0136b0 97b1119w0147w1117b½4,50,034,530,5
128Samarasinghe Senith Insara0SRI196w1 67b0 74w0158b1137w0179b1 75w0131b½163b14,50,034,031,0
129Hasmira Wg Navida0SRI140b0186w1116b0173w1142b½141w1 78b0150w½112b½4,50,034,030,5
130Dissanayake E M T N0SRI192b1 76w0 62w0117b0175w1206b1184w1116b½ 63w04,50,032,530,0
131Jayasinghe J D B0SRI 76b0202w1200b½154w½122b½142w½109b0128w½174b14,50,031,529,0
132W.A.Thathsara Navodya0SRI194b1163w½113b0 86w0147b0 63w0199b1197w1161b14,50,031,028,5
133Aashan W K D Kaveesha0SRI134w0170b0155b1181w0200b1210w1136b0156w1103b½4,50,031,028,0
134Perera J A Yoshitha1003SRI133b1142w1 26b0176w1 24b0178w1 16b0 53w- -04,00,042,538,5
135Chamath Attanayaka 1225SRI 81b1139w1 32b1 46w0113b1 28w0 47b0 83w- -04,00,042,037,5
136Koswaththa K A T T0SRI 26b0122w1209b1102w0127w1108b0133w1 40b0 99w04,00,040,035,5
137Gunawardhana Anuth Methvin0SRI122b1 19w0142b1 37w0128b1 50w0118b0117w0184w14,00,039,035,0
138Jayasundara J A Daham0SRI 3w0 97b0212w1175b1 93w1 39b0 43w0186b1 95w04,00,038,536,0
139Ediriweera K Dinsara0SRI212w1135b0 77w1151b0184w1 36b0181w1 34b0 90w04,00,037,535,0
140Weerathunga Mahith0SRI129w1 56b0 51w0170b1177w0 98b½208w1124b½ 86w04,00,037,534,0
141Thulnith P A Thinal0SRI 91w1126b1 55w0105b½ 56w0129b0103w½157b1 88b04,00,037,533,5
142Senanayake S S R L0SRI199w1134b0137w0168b1129w½131b½ 59w½ 86b½ 91b04,00,037,033,5
143Dilucshanan M.         0SRI 36w0123b0220w1210b1117w1 77w0189b1 73b0 98w04,00,036,033,0
144Nimathka Pasindu Dulain0SRI 44b1 46w0108b0209w1 71b0 94w0196b1111w0182b14,00,035,532,5
145Umesh J A R0SRI 41w0124b1149w0 61b0170w½204b1 98w½148b0191w14,00,035,032,5
146Damjith J K0SRI218b1154w½190b1113w½ 37b0 84w½104b0153w½ 96b04,00,035,032,0
147Manawadu Lahan Dulnith0SRI 20w0167b0217w1214b½132w1 64b0 97w½127b0193w14,00,035,032,0
148Lakshan Dineth0SRI 6w0217b1109w0112b0 -0192w1190b1145w1 94b04,00,034,532,0
149Iduwara Oshada0SRI109b0174w1145b1 31w0116b0118w0195b1189w1 93b04,00,034,531,5
150Samarasinghe Avishka Nirmal0SRI219b1 60w0179b-197b1179w1 87b0114w½129b½ 72b04,00,034,031,5

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)