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Campionatul National Individual - tineret B20 - Caciulata 2016

Last update 24.04.2016 17:15:44, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 9),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank list of players

6FMTomici Stefan1218417ROU23592359Css Nr. 1 Timisoara
5FMGheorghiu Calin1200305ROU23262326Cs Politehnica Iasi
1FMVrencian Lehel1230999ROU22252225Cs Al Cn Aprily Lajos Brasov
2IMocanu Victor-Valentin1224522ROU20572057Cs Sah Club Galati
4ITiron Lucian-Ilie1218506ROU19681968Cs Politehnica Iasi
7IBarbul Ionel1218808ROU17161716Cs Victoria Techirghiol
3IIKorcsek Daniel-Cristian1250027ROU16871687Cs Muncitorul Resita