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Giải Cờ Vua Vô địch Liên đoàn cờ TP. Đà Nẵng năm 2016 Bảng Chuyên nghiệp

Last update 17.04.2016 12:51:42, Creator/Last Upload: saigon chess

Starting rank

1Phan Xuan TuPTR2000
2Nguyen Le Huu DatPTR1999
3Nguyen Huu ThangPTR1998
4Ngo Minh QuanPTR1997
5Nguyen Minh TrietPTR1996
6Doan Phuc NguyenPTR1995
7Huynh Ngoc Minh NhatPTR1994
8Nguyen Ba Phuoc HuyPTR1993
9Tran Van Tien DatCNG1992
10Phan Nguyen Hieu MinhPTR1991
11Luong Giang SonCNG1990
12Nguyen Van Khanh DuyCNG1989
13Huynh Van HuyCNG1988
14Le Nhat Khanh HuyCNG1987
15Ho Le Minh DucCNG1986
16Nguyen Van Khoi NguyenPTR1985
17Le Hong PhucPTR1984
18Tran Hoang NhanPTR1983
19Le Minh DucPTR1982
20Nguyen Huu AnCNG1981
21Nguyen Viet HuyCNG1980
22Nguyen Van DatCNG1979
23Le Hoang ThienCNG1978
24Le Hong Minh NgocCNG1977
25Le Ngo Thuc HanCNG1976
26Luong Duy LocCNG1975
27Huynh Anh KhoaCNG1974
28Hoang Tuan AnhCNG1973
29Bao KhoaCNG1972
30Dinh Duc TrongCNG1971
31Hoang Canh HuanCNG1970
32To Nhat MinhCNG1969
33Ton Nu Hong AnCNG1968
34Tran Nguyen Dang KhoaCNG1967
35Phan Ba Thanh CongCNG1966
36Ho Phuoc DinhPTR1965
37Tran Quoc PhuLO51964
38Nguyen Huu KhangLO51963