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20th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament

Last update 18.08.2016 23:26:57, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Player overview for ukr

3GMOleksiyenko Mykhaylo2610UKR1101½111½7,06257110-1,50

Results of the last round for ukr

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMVan Wely Loek2657 ½ - ½ GMOleksiyenko Mykhaylo2610

Player details for ukr

GM Oleksiyenko Mykhaylo 2610 UKR Rp:2571 Pts. 7,0
1134Van Rij Gert1963NED5,5s 10,890,11101,10
260FMMichalczak Thomas2234GER6,0w 10,890,11101,10
336FMWarmerdam Max2372NED6,0s 00,80-0,8010-8,00
4118Berghuis Marten2007NED4,5w 10,890,11101,10
538FMVereggen Lars2359NED6,0s ½0,81-0,3110-3,10
652FMVedder Richard2268NED6,0w 10,880,12101,20
730Van Foreest Lucas2393NED6,0s 10,780,22102,20
816GMWan Yunguo2458CHN6,5w 10,700,30103,00
92GMVan Wely Loek2657NED8,0s ½0,430,07100,70
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