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2nd European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship (FIDE Zone 1.10)

Last update 10.04.2016 15:08:43, Creator/Last Upload: schachclub nordstad


Round 1 on 2016/04/02 at 15:00
112494GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar1 - 0Mooney Graham186712
222363FMVillegas Pierre1 - 0CMKirby Peter J.200811
332000Sammut Briffa Peter0 - 1Frick Renato204910
442542IMZiska Helgi Dam1 - 0CMVolpinari Danilo20039
552133CMMichaelides Konstantinos1 - 0IMKelires Andreas24668
662451IMWiedenkeller Michael½ - ½IMBerend Fred23357
Round 2 on 2016/04/03 at 10:00
1121867Mooney Graham0 - 1IMBerend Fred23357
282466IMKelires Andreas1 - 0IMWiedenkeller Michael24516
392003CMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1CMMichaelides Konstantinos21335
4102049Frick Renato0 - 1IMZiska Helgi Dam25424
5112008CMKirby Peter J.0 - 1Sammut Briffa Peter20003
612494GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar½ - ½FMVillegas Pierre23632
Round 3 on 2016/04/03 at 17:00
122363FMVillegas Pierre1 - 0Mooney Graham186712
232000Sammut Briffa Peter0 - 1GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar24941
342542IMZiska Helgi Dam½ - ½CMKirby Peter J.200811
452133CMMichaelides Konstantinos1 - 0Frick Renato204910
562451IMWiedenkeller Michael1 - 0CMVolpinari Danilo20039
672335IMBerend Fred½ - ½IMKelires Andreas24668
Round 4 on 2016/04/04 at 15:00
1121867Mooney Graham0 - 1IMKelires Andreas24668
292003CMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1IMBerend Fred23357
3102049Frick Renato0 - 1IMWiedenkeller Michael24516
4112008CMKirby Peter J.1 - 0CMMichaelides Konstantinos21335
512494GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar½ - ½IMZiska Helgi Dam25424
622363FMVillegas Pierre0 - 1Sammut Briffa Peter20003
Round 5 on 2016/04/05 at 10:00
132000Sammut Briffa Peter1 - 0Mooney Graham186712
242542IMZiska Helgi Dam1 - 0FMVillegas Pierre23632
352133CMMichaelides Konstantinos0 - 1GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar24941
462451IMWiedenkeller Michael1 - 0CMKirby Peter J.200811
572335IMBerend Fred1 - 0Frick Renato204910
682466IMKelires Andreas1 - 0CMVolpinari Danilo20039
Round 6 on 2016/04/05 at 17:00
1121867Mooney Graham½ - ½CMVolpinari Danilo20039
2102049Frick Renato0 - 1IMKelires Andreas24668
3112008CMKirby Peter J.0 - 1IMBerend Fred23357
412494GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar½ - ½IMWiedenkeller Michael24516
522363FMVillegas Pierre1 - 0CMMichaelides Konstantinos21335
632000Sammut Briffa Peter0 - 1IMZiska Helgi Dam25424
Round 7 on 2016/04/07 at 10:00
142542IMZiska Helgi Dam1 - 0Mooney Graham186712
252133CMMichaelides Konstantinos½ - ½Sammut Briffa Peter20003
362451IMWiedenkeller Michael1 - 0FMVillegas Pierre23632
472335IMBerend Fred0 - 1GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar24941
582466IMKelires Andreas1 - 0CMKirby Peter J.200811
692003CMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1Frick Renato204910
Round 8 on 2016/04/08 at 10:00
1121867Mooney Graham0 - 1Frick Renato204910
2112008CMKirby Peter J.1 - 0CMVolpinari Danilo20039
312494GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar½ - ½IMKelires Andreas24668
422363FMVillegas Pierre0 - 1IMBerend Fred23357
532000Sammut Briffa Peter0 - 1IMWiedenkeller Michael24516
642542IMZiska Helgi Dam1 - 0CMMichaelides Konstantinos21335
Round 9 on 2016/04/08 at 17:00
152133CMMichaelides Konstantinos1 - 0Mooney Graham186712
262451IMWiedenkeller Michael½ - ½IMZiska Helgi Dam25424
372335IMBerend Fred½ - ½Sammut Briffa Peter20003
482466IMKelires Andreas1 - 0FMVillegas Pierre23632
592003CMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar24941
6102049Frick Renato½ - ½CMKirby Peter J.200811
Round 10 on 2016/04/09 at 15:00
1121867Mooney Graham0 - 1CMKirby Peter J.200811
212494GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar1 - 0Frick Renato204910
322363FMVillegas Pierre1 - 0CMVolpinari Danilo20039
432000Sammut Briffa Peter0 - 1IMKelires Andreas24668
542542IMZiska Helgi Dam1 - 0IMBerend Fred23357
652133CMMichaelides Konstantinos0 - 1IMWiedenkeller Michael24516
Round 11 on 2016/04/10 at 10:00
162451IMWiedenkeller Michael1 - 0Mooney Graham186712
272335IMBerend Fred½ - ½CMMichaelides Konstantinos21335
382466IMKelires Andreas0 - 1IMZiska Helgi Dam25424
492003CMVolpinari Danilo½ - ½Sammut Briffa Peter20003
5102049Frick Renato0 - 1FMVillegas Pierre23632
6112008CMKirby Peter J.0 - 1GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar24941