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2nd European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship (FIDE Zone 1.10)

Last update 10.04.2016 15:08:43, Creator/Last Upload: Schachclub Nordstad

Starting rank list of players

4IMZiska Helgi Dam7200595FAI2542
1GMDe La Riva Aguado Oscar6900224AND2494
8IMKelires Andreas5900727CYP2466
6IMWiedenkeller Michael1700146LUX2451
2FMVillegas Pierre654183MNC2363
7IMBerend Fred4000102LUX2335
5CMMichaelides Konstantinos5901871CYP2133
10Frick Renato12000027LIE2049
11CMKirby Peter J.409014GCI2008
9CMVolpinari Danilo11800054SMR2003
3Sammut Briffa Peter5600200MLT2000
12Mooney Graham15600106JCI1867
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