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ASEAN Age Group Under - 18 OpenBlitz

Last update 02.07.2005 12:52:10, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

1FMCM Pham Duc ThangVIE2229
2FMFM Nguyen Huynh Minh HuyVIE2195
3Julius Joseph de RamosPHI2168
4Chan Weng CheeSGP2137
5Chan Peng-Khoon GeraldSGP2007
6Aw Wai OnnMAS1936
7Chang Tse-Yih JustinSGP0
8Koh Jun Jie JeremySGP0
9Nguyen Ngoc PhungVIE0
10Nguyen Thanh NghiaVIE0
11Surya WahyudiINA0
12Vo Thanh NinhVIE0
13Yu Khang EanMAS0
14Zhang ChangjieSGP0