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Open Orlova 2016 "GM" - "GM Orlová 2016"

Last update 29.05.2016 15:01:48, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 37

Player info

NameSzotkowski Jakub
Starting rank10
Rating national2349
Rating international2342
Performance rating2523
FIDE rtg +/-43,6
Club/CityTŽ Třinec
Year of birth 1997


11FMZabystrzan Pavel2267CZE2,5s ½20-2,00
26FMMarek Matyas2437CZE3,5w 12012,60
32Radovanovic Mihajlo2358SRB4,0s 020-9,60
47FMSzwed Jacek2392POL5,0w 12011,40
53GMTalla Vladimir2423CZE5,0s ½202,20
68GMAndreev Eduard2468UKR3,5w ½203,40
74GMSergeev Vladimir2435UKR6,5s 12012,60
89FMTymrakiewicz Rafal2345POL3,0w 12010,00
95IMSimacek Pavel2453CZE6,0s ½203,00
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