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68th National Schools Individual Championships 2016 - C Division Girls

Last update 24.03.2016 07:34:22, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Azrah FathimaCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
2Chen YanwenNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
3Choy Jia Ning GillianRGS0SRGS Sec
4Hng Mei-Xian EuniceNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
5 Morel-Gan W H J IngridMGS0WMGS Sec
6Ipshita BagUWC0WUWC SEA Dover
7Jillella Anna JessicaCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
8Kristie Eliana RamliNJC0SNational JC
9Lee Hui LingSCS0NSCGS Sec
10Lee Wen Qin GraceYTS0NYishun Town Sec
11Lin Chen AnRGS0SRGS Sec
12Ling GladysNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
13Moe Oo Phyu SinCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
14Radhakrishnan SrivarshiniTKG0ETanjong Katong Girls' Sch
15Shruthi C IyerRGS0SRGS Sec
16Siew Xuan HuiNUH0WNUS High
17Sim Shi Min CharmaineRGS0SRGS Sec
18Tan Kai Lin StephanieMGS0WMGS Sec
19Tan Shae-LynnNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
20Tan Sheryl-LynnNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
21Tin Rui QiNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
22Veanna RankaSJC0NCHIJ St Joseph's Convent
23Vedika GuptaCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
24Wu JingyaRGS0SRGS Sec
25Zhang XuCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
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