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68th National Schools Individual Championships 2016 - A Division Girls

Last update 24.03.2016 04:06:21, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank list of players

7Chan JoanneHCI0Hwa Chong Inst
3Chen YiYTS0Yishun Town Sec
6Fam Jia En VictoriaHJC0Hwa Chong JC
2Liang ZhiyangHCI0Hwa Chong Inst
4Lo Yin YiNJC0National JC
5Loh Jing WenHCI0Hwa Chong Inst
8Neha ShankarRJC0Raffles Inst (JC)
1Yow Wei NicoleRJC0Raffles Inst (JC)
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