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68th National Schools Individual Championships 2016 - A Division Boys

Last update 24.03.2016 07:27:38, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Chee Jae KerrNUH0WNUS High
2Chuah YujieRJC0SRaffles Inst (JC)
3Dave KaimanNJC0SNational JC
4Han Tong Joon MitchellCHS0NCatholic High Sec
5Khaarthik Kumar AmuddhuNUH0WNUS High
6Lee Kai Jie EdwardACI0SACS Ind
7Lee Rui Zhe NicholasSJT0SSJI Int'l
8Lee Wei MinHCI0WHwa Chong Inst
9Lim De Li DerekACI0SACS Ind
10Lim Zi EnGDS0NGreendale Sec
11Liu ZhengdaoHCI0WHwa Chong Inst
12McCully Ayrton LeonardRJC0SRaffles Inst (JC)
13Ng Jun JieACC0SAnglo Chinese JC
14Noel Mathew IsaacGIS0SGlobal Indian Int'l Queenstown
15Ong Zheng Long CliveCHS0NCatholic High Sec
16Quek Wei Jian EugeneNYP0NNanyang Polytechnic
17Shum Rui YuanACI0SACS Ind
18Sumesh Magesh BabuGIS0SGlobal Indian Int'l Queenstown
19Tin Jun HaoHCI0WHwa Chong Inst
20Toh Zhi Kai JonathanNJC0SNational JC
21Tran Minh HoangCHS0NCatholic High Sec
22Wu Jian Zhong TimothyRJC0SRaffles Inst (JC)
23Yeo Han Justin AbelACI0SACS Ind
24Yeo Jun Wei EdmundRJC0SRaffles Inst (JC)
25Zhou YangACI0SACS Ind
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