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National Junior Ch. (Abs) 2016

Last update 17.03.2016 21:14:17, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank

1NMSMITH Shreyas7400713JAM2133
2NMWALKER Alistair7401280JAM1953
3SINCLAIR Horace7400764JAM1950
4CHRISTIE Joshua7402074JAM1869
5LUNGRIN Rashade7402473JAM1799
6CURRIAH Malik7402236JAM1775
7BROWN Akeem7402023JAM1772
8BELINFANTE Nathan7401310JAM1738
9CMBARRETT Leighton7402120JAM1700
10MCDONALD Jhustice-Dimonte7402481JAM1633
11WALKER Lontae7402058JAM1592
12MORGAN Tajae7402708JAM0