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Sri Lanka Women's National B Chess Championship 2016

Last update 21.03.2016 16:19:07, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
1WFMWickramasinghe Dilhara Ishini1757SRI 27w1 23b1 5w½ 24b1 8w1 3b0 4w½ 18w1 9b1 2w½7,50,558,052,543,5
2Wijesuriya G P Y1421SRI 52w1 8b0 58w1 40b1 4w0 22b1 21b1 13w1 5w1 1b½7,50,554,051,039,5
3Saumy Zainab1651SRI 19b1 7w1 18b½ 12w1 10b½ 1w1 5w½ 4b½ 8w½ 6b½7,00,060,555,043,0
4WFMGunaratne Manisha Suchini1665SRI 30b1 25w1 13b½ 18w0 2b1 7w1 1b½ 3w½ 12b1 5w½7,00,060,054,540,0
5Tharushi T H D Niklesha1521SRI 35b1 56w1 1b½ 11w1 6b1 18w1 3b½ 9w½ 2b0 4b½7,00,059,554,545,0
6Yapa Bandara Chamodya1493SRI 60b1 62w1 9w0 59b1 5w0 15b1 19w1 8b½ 18w1 3w½7,00,052,549,039,0
7Thuduwage Yasasirini Pabasara1452SRI 49w1 3b0 42w1 39b1 29w½ 4b0 23w1 27b1 10b½ 21w17,00,049,545,537,0
8Balasuriya Sajini Hasara1561SRI 64b1 2w1 12b½ 13w1 1b0 20w1 10b½ 6w½ 3b½ 14w½6,50,060,555,040,0
9Udupitiya U G S S S1709SRI 65b1 26w1 6b1 55w½ 18b0 14w1 12b1 5b½ 1w0 10w½6,50,058,052,541,5
10WCMJayaweera Sayuni Gihansa1525SRI 16w1 59b½ 14w1 15b1 3w½ 27b½ 8w½ 11b½ 7w½ 9b½6,50,057,553,040,0
11Peiris H Pevinya1665SRI 39w1 20b1 15w½ 5b0 14w0 59b1 29w1 10w½ 13b½ 18b16,50,053,549,035,5
12Athukorala Shavindi Uddeepana1377SRI 54w1 40b1 8w½ 3b0 24w1 23b1 9w0 39b1 4w0 31b16,50,052,548,538,0
13De Silva Tenara1488SRI 37w1 46b1 4w½ 8b0 31w½ 43b1 51w1 2b0 11w½ 20b16,50,051,547,537,0
14Gamage Nethmi Nirasha1466SRI 36b½ 31w1 10b0 45w1 11b1 9b0 32w½ 25w1 28b1 8b½6,50,051,546,534,5
15Herath H M R M K1434SRI 38b1 32w1 11b½ 10w0 28b½ 6w0 35b½ 30w1 33b1 22w16,50,050,545,534,0
16Peththanayake Naduni Rashmith1237SRI 10b0 45w0 64b1 61w0 52b½ 57w1 41b1 51b1 39w1 26w16,50,039,036,526,0
17Rathnayake Nevindi Gihansa1263SRI 21b½ 36w½ 26b0 56w1 25b0 38w0 57b1 48w1 43b1 28w16,00,042,538,526,5
18Abeysinghe H M H Janandani1392SRI 57b1 22w1 3w½ 4b1 9w1 5b0 27w1 1b0 6b0 11w05,50,058,554,040,0
19Dissanayake R K Janani1303SRI 3w0 44b1 22b1 20w0 36b1 25w1 6b0 21w0 32b½ 43w15,50,051,046,030,0
20Kanakarathne S Nevinka De Sil1432SRI 63b1 11w0 56b1 19b1 23w½ 8b0 24w1 28w½ 21b½ 13w05,50,050,546,534,5
21Gimhani H. Shashipraba1549SRI 17w½ 47b1 59w½ 27b0 33w1 29b1 2w0 19b1 20w½ 7b05,50,050,546,033,0
22Gunawardana I M T M1590SRI 33w1 18b0 19w0 44b1 30b1 2w0 34b½ 29w1 31w1 15b05,50,050,045,030,0
23Rajapaksha R G R D M1482SRI 61b1 1w0 60b1 43w1 20b½ 12w0 7b0 35w½ 34b½ 39w15,50,049,545,531,5
24WCMKodikara K K M Sachintha1487SRI 48b1 55b½ 51w1 1w0 12b0 30w½ 20b0 56w1 35b1 25w½5,50,049,545,530,5
25Vithanage Sandaruwi M1479SRI 41w1 4b0 46w½ 33b½ 17w1 19b0 42w1 14b0 37w1 24b½5,50,049,045,030,0
26Kulatunga Dinithi1487SRI 42w1 9b0 17w1 29b0 57w1 39b0 43w1 33b½ 27w1 16b05,50,046,042,031,5
27Idirisinghe I M N H1360SRI 1b0 61w1 36b1 21w1 55b+ 10w½ 18b0 7w0 26b0 33w½5,00,053,048,033,0
28Koswattha K W D M D I1496SRI 46w0 37b1 33w½ 34b1 15w½ 31b1 39w½ 20b½ 14w0 17b05,00,048,544,531,5
29Abeywardana Hasandi Yapa1342SRI 32b0 38w1 62b1 26w1 7b½ 21w0 11b0 22b0 42w1 34w½5,00,048,544,529,5
30Herath Sanduni1329SRI 4w0 41b½ 47w1 51b1 22w0 24b½ 40w½ 15b0 52b1 32w½5,00,047,543,526,5
31Weerasinghe Asani Sankalpana1434SRI 47w½ 14b0 49w1 46b1 13b½ 28w0 38b1 32w1 22b0 12w05,00,047,043,030,0
32WCMLiyanagedara L G A1702SRI 29w1 15b0 39w0 41b½ 47w1 35w1 14b½ 31b0 19w½ 30b½5,00,046,542,528,0
33Ranasinghe Diyana Sithuwanthi1274SRI 22b0 57w1 28b½ 25w½ 21b0 56w1 60b1 26w½ 15w0 27b½5,00,045,542,027,5
34WCMJayasekera Himasha Dulanji1378SRI 58w1 51b½ 55w0 28w0 41b½ 44b1 22w½ 37b½ 23w½ 29b½5,00,045,541,527,5
35Peththanayake Nuwani1236SRI 5w0 58b0 52w1 50b1 40w1 32b0 15w½ 23b½ 24w0 49b15,00,045,042,025,5
36Withanachchi Lasangi Chamodya1149SRI 14w½ 17b½ 27w0 37b1 19w0 42b0 44w0 64b1 47w1 46b15,00,045,041,022,5
37Wijesiri Dileka1202SRI 13b0 28w0 38b1 36w0 62b1 41w½ 45b1 34w½ 25b0 48w15,00,043,039,023,0
38Dissanayake Ananya Anjuli1125SRI 15w0 29b0 37w0 -1 65b+ 17b1 31w0 42b½ 46w½ 50b15,00,042,539,521,5
39Delgasdeniya D W Nawanjali1326SRI 11b0 63w1 32b1 7w0 61b+ 26w1 28b½ 12w0 16b0 23b04,50,052,047,530,0
40Goyumi Sasika M W1521SRI 50b1 12w0 53b1 2w0 35b0 45w1 30b½ 52w1 -0 -04,50,046,043,028,0
41Navinhara W Nethaki1162SRI 25b0 30w½ 45b½ 32w½ 34w½ 37b½ 16w0 44b0 54w1 53b+4,50,044,541,020,5
42Senanayake A M P K1183SRI 26b0 65w1 7b0 62w1 43b0 36w1 25b0 38w½ 29b0 52w14,50,043,040,023,5
43Fernando G W Nethmi L1377SRI 55w0 48b1 50w1 23b0 42w1 13w0 26b0 49b1 17w0 19b04,00,047,543,526,0
44Seneka M W Thenumi1151SRI 56b0 19w0 65b1 22w0 53b1 34w0 36b1 41w1 -0 -04,00,043,539,521,0
45Luxiha R0SRI 59w0 16b1 41w½ 14b0 46w1 40b0 37w0 58b½ 49w0 63b14,00,043,040,021,5
46Karunarathne Thisali1230SRI 28b1 13w0 25b½ 31w0 45b0 52w0 64b1 53w1 38b½ 36w04,00,041,538,522,0
47Mayuraji L M Dinya1068SRI 31b½ 21w0 30b0 64w1 32b0 48w½ 56b0 60w1 36b0 57w14,00,039,537,018,5
48WCMGunawardena I M T S1189SRI 24w0 43w0 63b½ 49b1 51w0 47b½ 62w1 17b0 58w1 37b04,00,038,536,019,5
49Indrajith J A K N T1132SRI 7b0 64w½ 31b0 48w0 63b1 50w1 53b½ 43w0 45b1 35w04,00,037,535,519,5
50Wickramasinghe W M D S D0SRI 40w0 -1 43b0 35w0 64b½ 49b0 58w½ 62b1 56w+ 38w04,00,035,533,019,0
51Samarasinghe Wayuni Vinara1538SRI 53b1 34w½ 24b0 30w0 48b1 60w1 13b0 16w0 -0 -03,50,045,542,025,5
52Braveena Vijaykumar0SRI 2b0 53w0 35b0 63w1 16w½ 46b1 59w+ 40b0 30w0 42b03,50,045,542,019,0
53Gamage A E D1255SRI 51w0 52b1 40w0 57b0 44w0 54b1 49w½ 46b0 -1 41w-3,50,036,533,518,0
54Premathilaka E D S0SRI 12b0 60w0 61b0 65w0 -1 53w0 63b1 57w½ 41b0 58b13,50,034,532,012,5
55WFMPremanath Dinushki1835SRI 43b1 24w½ 34b1 9b½ 27w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -03,00,048,544,526,0
56Dilanya W V Nethmi1171SRI 44w1 5b0 20w0 17b0 58w1 33b0 47w1 24b0 50b- -03,00,046,542,520,0
57Karthika Pasupathippillai0SRI 18w0 33b0 -1 53w1 26b0 16b0 17w0 54b½ 63w½ 47b03,00,042,539,517,5
58Lojiny T0SRI 34b0 35w1 2b0 60w0 56b0 64w1 50b½ 45w½ 48b0 54w03,00,039,036,017,5
59Sandeepani M Tharushi1378SRI 45b1 10w½ 21b½ 6w0 60b½ 11w0 52b- -0 -0 -02,50,546,543,021,5
60Gunasekara Ayodya Nethmini1205SRI 6w0 54b1 23w0 58b1 59w½ 51b0 33w0 47b0 -0 -02,50,541,038,019,0
61Kariyawasam L Hirunima1168SRI 23w0 27b0 54w1 16b1 39w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -02,00,042,039,015,0
62Kahandawa K A R N0SRI -1 6b0 29w0 42b0 37w0 63w1 48b0 50w0 -0 -02,00,039,536,515,0
63Araby S0SRI 20w0 39b0 48w½ 52b0 49w0 62b0 54w0 -1 57b½ 45w02,00,032,530,08,0
64Herath H M M D1272SRI 8w0 49b½ 16w0 47b0 50w½ 58b0 46w0 36w0 -0 -01,00,038,536,07,5
65Bandara Vineli Thevinya1344SRI 9w0 42b0 44w0 54b1 38w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,036,534,07,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break4: Fide Tie-Break