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The ISF Academy Chess Open 2016 Age 4-6 Section

Last update 20.03.2016 10:38:30, Creator/Last Upload: sydney_activekids

Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1CHUNG Shing Yau, Jason1300HKG 22w1 14b1 9w1 7b1 13w1 2b16,022,515,022,50
2Chang Nathan0HKG 10w1 28b1 5w1 6b1 4w1 1w05,027,018,521,00
3Lam Samuel1300HKG 30w1 43b1 11w1 4b0 10w1 7b15,021,514,516,50
4King Oliver1300HKG 29b1 27w1 37b1 3w1 2b0 8w15,021,014,016,00
5MA Karlson Shing Hey0HKG 33b1 21w1 2b0 17w1 19b1 13b15,020,513,015,50
6Zhou Cyrill0HKG 16w1 25b1 13b½ 2w0 14w1 15b14,521,514,014,75
7Chan Pak Yui Douglas0HKG 8b1 24w1 19b1 1w0 20b1 3w04,024,015,013,00
8Michishita Noah0HKG 7w0 38b1 23w1 12b1 9w1 4b04,022,015,013,00
9Lau Cheuk Yui0HKG 15w1 26b1 1b0 37w1 8b0 19w14,020,512,510,50
10Peramunetilleke Savin0HKG 2b0 41w1 21b1 22w1 3b0 20w14,019,513,59,50
11Hsu Yip Ching Jeffrey0HKG 39b1 44w1 3b0 19w0 37b1 21w14,016,510,58,50
12CHUNG Man Yu0HKG 37b0 34w1 36b1 8w0 27b1 22w14,015,59,59,50
13Dai Maxwell0HKG 45w1 20b1 6w½ 16b1 1b0 5w03,524,516,011,25
14Kandl-Zhang Léa Qinlei0HKG 31b1 1w0 15b½ 26w1 6b0 29w13,521,013,08,75
15Wong Kadyn0HKG 9b0 49w1 14w½ 32b1 31b1 6w03,519,012,58,75
16Dong Li Ang Elliot0HKG 6b0 35w1 24b1 13w0 18b½ 26w13,518,512,08,75
17Jiang Naomi Claire0HKG 20w0 45b1 28w1 5b0 26b½ 31w13,517,510,58,50
18Lo Man Hay Haymond0HKG 21b0 33w1 42w1 20b0 16w½ 32b13,516,011,08,25
19Vlasov Ilio0HKG 38w1 23b1 7w0 11b1 5w0 9b03,022,015,09,00
20Wong Selwyn Tsz Yuen0HKG 17b1 13w0 27b1 18w1 7w0 10b03,021,014,59,50
21CHAN Ngo Yu0HKG 18w1 5b0 10w0 30b1 28w1 11b03,021,014,08,00
22Lam Elliott0HKG 1b0 39w1 44b+ 10b0 40w1 12b03,018,511,54,50
23Chen Daniel Rui0HKG 35b1 19w0 8b0 29w½ 24b½ 37w13,016,510,56,75
24Suen Nathan0HKG 40w1 7b0 16w0 25b½ 23w½ 38b13,016,011,05,75
25Song Yue Ning0HKG 34b½ 6w0 31b0 24w½ 46b+ 40b13,015,09,56,25
26Yick Bethany Hui Wai0HKG 49b1 9w0 43w+ 14b0 17w½ 16b02,519,013,05,75
27Ko Tsz Wing Joseph0HKG 32w1 4b0 20w0 39b1 12w0 28b½2,518,012,04,75
28Sun William0HKG 41b1 2w0 17b0 33w1 21b0 27w½2,517,511,54,75
29Li Haoning Nicholas0HKG 4w0 32b½ 30w½ 23b½ 41w1 14b02,517,011,04,75
30Li Moses0HKG 3b0 31w½ 29b½ 21w0 45b+ 33w½2,517,010,55,75
31Wong Tsz Ying Ashley0HKG 14w0 30b½ 25w1 42b1 15w0 17b02,516,511,55,00
32Wright Alistair0HKG 27b0 29w½ 34b1 15w0 36b1 18w02,516,511,05,75
33Chan Ka Yu Ambrose0HKG 5w0 18b0 46w1 28b0 39w1 30b½2,516,010,04,00
34Cheng Huan-Chen August0HKG 25w½ 12b0 32w0 46b1 38w½ 35b½2,515,09,05,25
35Reynolds Alexander0HKG 23w0 16b0 38w0 -1 42b1 34w½2,513,59,04,75
36Liu Adelyne0HKG 42w0 40b1 12w0 38b½ 32w0 45b+2,512,57,54,00
37Lupu Tudor0HKG 12w1 42b1 4w0 9b0 11w0 23b02,021,515,05,50
38Chung Jacqueline0HKG 19b0 8w0 35b1 36w½ 34b½ 24w02,016,510,54,25
39Wong Maxwell Charles Pak Hei0HKG 11w0 22b0 -1 27w0 33b0 46w+2,014,09,02,00
40Chien Hiu Fung Derek0HKG 24b0 36w0 49b+ 45b+ 22b0 25w02,013,59,02,00
41Chien Hiu Lam Audrey0HKG 28w0 10b0 45w0 49b+ 29b0 42w½1,514,09,01,75
42CHAN Ming Yui0HKG 36b1 37w0 18b0 31w0 35w0 41b½1,513,08,52,50
43LEE Ching Ho, Silus0HKG 47w+ 3w0 26b- 44b- -0 -01,018,511,52,50
44Zhang Nika0HKG -1 11b0 22w- 43w- -0 -01,017,511,52,50
45Wong Bernice0HKG 13b0 17w0 41b1 40w- 30w- 36w-1,015,511,01,00
46Ng Mathea0HKG 48b- -0 33b0 34w0 25w- 39b-0,014,09,50,00
47BAI Shijun1300HKG 43b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,013,59,00,00
48Yang Jun Yuan Julian0HKG 46w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,013,59,00,00
49LEE Ching Hei, Titus0HKG 26w0 15b0 40w- 41w- -0 -00,012,58,00,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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