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KUSA Games - Nairobi South Region Qualifiers

Last update 01.03.2016 08:29:04, Creator/Last Upload: rwanda chess-federation

Starting rank

1Anne WayuyuKEN1000Technical University of Kenya
2Benard WangombeKEN1000Technical University of Kenya
3Dennis MaseseKEN1000Technical University of Kenya
4Edna AdhiamboKEN1000Technical University of Kenya
5Fred AmoroKEN1000University of Nairobi
6Ian KingKEN1000University of Nairobi
7John MwangiKEN1000University of Nairobi
8Joyce NyaruaiKEN1000Technical University of Kenya
9Lucy WanjiruKEN1000University of Nairobi
10Musa IbrahimKEN1000University of Nairobi
11Timothy KagechaKEN1000University of Nairobi
12Trevor MulindiKEN1000University of Nairobi
13Victor KibetKEN1000University of Nairobi
14Victor Ong'onoKEN1000University of Nairobi
15William NyagaKEN1000Technical University of Kenya
16Mawondo DuncanKEN1000University of Nairobi
17Cheryl NgimaKEN1000University of Nairobi