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Hennops Ope 2016 Section D - Rating <1100 Born After 1/1/2007

Last update 28.02.2016 18:33:22, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 4)

Starting rank

1Fourie KeananRSA760
2Smit MikaylaRSA733
3Gill Conrad RuanRSA600
4Hlongwane LwandoRSA600
5Laage DianRSA600
6Salyakhov MiryamRSA600
7Van Garderen DeonRSA600
8Wagener IwanoRSA600
9Reyneke TaliaRSA537
10Bester KeiraRSA506
11Swanepoel Lourens AlexandRSA423
12Breytenbach AnjaRSA316