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Campionatul National pentru copii si juniori - Fete 8 ani

Last update 14.04.2009 13:03:17, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 3),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameStefanescu Maria-Sorana
Starting rank23
Rating national401
Rating international0
Performance rating358
Club/CityClubul Central De Sah Buc
Year of birth 2001


11111Hamati Julia401ROUCss Nr 1 Timisoara4,0s 1
269Feraru Ioana-Maria401ROUCs Micul Sahist Iasi4,0w 0
3915Matei Ana-Maria401ROUCs Fairplay Braila6,0s 0
41014Marin Ioana-Andreea401ROUSc Municipal Ploiesti3,0w 0
5118Didiliuc Lauriana-Mihaela401ROUSc Municipal Ploiesti2,5s 1
6916Mos Maria-Magdalena401ROUCs Conpet Ploiesti5,0w 0
71120Pelin Ana-Maria401ROUSport Club Municipal Bras1,0s 1
8918Pacuraru Eva-Anastasia401ROUCs Politehnica Iasi4,5w ½
9810Grecu Gabriela-Lorena401ROUCs Micul Sahist Iasi4,0s ½
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