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Campionatul national de copii si juniori - fete 12 ani

Last update 14.04.2009 13:05:38, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 3),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameHorvath Andreea
Starting rank29
Rating national404
Rating international0
Performance rating351
Club/CityCsm Cluj Napoca
Year of birth 1998


11313IIPasniceanu Iris-Stefania544ROUCs Politehnica Iasi4,5w 0
21420IICorolea Diana-Gabriela481ROUCs Mediator Giarmata Vii5,0s 0
31524IIMarcea Antonela-Madalina434ROUClubul Sportiv Tunari3,5w 0
416-bye- --- 1
51525IIBostan Andreea-Denisa422ROUAcs Dumbravita4,0s 0
61528IIIDumitrache Andreea-Georgeta405ROUClubul Sportiv Tunari2,0w 1
71432Varga Adrienn401ROUCSS ODORHEIU SECUIESC4,0s 0
81431Szabo Ida-Maria401ROUCs Ioios Brasov2,0w 1
91426IIMiutel Andreea-Elena416ROUAcs Dumbravita2,5w 1
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