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Trofeul Deliciosul de Vaslui Editia 1 Open A

Last update 28.02.2016 13:36:45, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1IIAliciuc Alexandru-Gabriel1249347ROU1766Ac De Sah Realitatea Husi
2IIBighiu Rares1240790ROU1697Ac De Sah Realitatea Husi
3IIPrelipceanu George-Ciprian1228129ROU1455Cs Sergentul Vaslui
4IIPopa Dragos1235834ROU1443Cs Sergentul Vaslui
5IIRomascu Valentin-GabrielROU1103Cs Sergentul Vaslui
6IIPotorac DavidROU1001Cs Sergentul Vaslui
7Chiritescu DenisROU1001Cs Alone Tiger Vaslui
8Lungu Stefan-MarianROU1001Cs G. Nestianu Barlad
9Marian Robert-iustinROU1001Cs G. Nestianu Barlad
10Vlose Vlad-AndreiROU1001Cs Sergentul Vaslui