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Campionatul National pentru copii si juniori - Baieti 10

Last update 14.04.2009 13:14:10, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 9)

Player info

NameCraciun Madalin Marian
Starting rank58
Rating national420
Rating international0
Performance rating645
Club/CityCs Fc Callatis Mangalia
Year of birth 2000


166IIOtoiu Marian-Cristian1594ROUCss Nr 1 Pajura Bucurest6,0w 0
24087Ionescu Andrei401ROUCs Vointa Buzau4,0s 1
31718IIOlteanu Eduard-Florin599ROUCs Vointa Buzau4,5w 1
41930IIOprea Alexandru534ROUCss Tg Mures6,0s 0
52121IIDordai Daniel-Ovidiu588ROUCs Sah Club Potaissa Turd6,0s 1
61833IIRolea Florin-Alexandru501ROUCs Orizont 64 Bralia4,5w ½
72037IIIColceriu Razvan-Stefan490ROUCss Tg Mures5,5w 0
82734IIRancz Mate500ROUCs Caissa Miercurea Ciuc4,5s 1
91719IIStoia Denis-Iulian598ROUCs Tera Sah Medias5,5s 0
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