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Campionatul National pentru copii si juniori - Baieti 14 ani

Last update 14.04.2009 13:14:55, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 12),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameHeutschi Vlad
Starting rank40
Rating national431
Rating international0
Performance rating816
Club/CityCm De Sah Alba Iulia
Year of birth 1996


11818IFarcas Andrei1771ROUCs Unio Satu Mare5,0s 0
21725ICatana Remus-Raul1690ROUCss Tg Mures4,0w 0
32244Zaharia Alexandru-Cristinel401ROUCs Victoria Techirghiol1,0s 1
42037IISzijarto Norbert-Ludwig504ROUCs Mediator Giarmata Vii3,5s 0
52036IIStoianovici Irinel-Cristian512ROUCs Diana Galati3,0w 1
61727INeaga Horia-Dumitru-Iustin1654ROUCss Nr 1 Timisoara5,0s 0
72041Melinte Razvan401ROUC.S. Botosani3,5w 0
82242Nitulescu Theodor-Florin401ROUCs Siciliana Bucuresti1,0w 1
92043Stoian Adelin401ROUC.S. Unio Satu Mare1,5s 1
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