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Tournoi de Saint Valentin

Last update 14.02.2016 20:16:22, Creator/Last Upload: togo chess federation

Starting rank

1TOURE Yves21200734TOG1746
2CMFUMEY Enyonam Sewa21200033TOG1861
3KOUEVI Mawuvi Koue21200041TOG1753
4BOTSOE Koffi21200025TOG1522
5AJAVON Ayayi Jean Le Clair21200394TOG1539
6AKPADJAVI Franck21200840TOG0
7DJE Cyrille Koffi21200866TOG0
8FUMEY Messan Sena21200238TOG0
9TOSSOU Victor21200858TOG0
10ZEZE Hermann21200700TOG0