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8th Batavia Chess Tournament

Last update 02.04.2016 22:05:21, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

1GMSchandorff Lars2500DEN*½1½½½1½+16,5
2GMNijboer Friso2545NED½*01½11½116,5
3GMBrunello Sabino2562ITA01*½½½11½16,0
4IMSoors Stef2390BEL½0½*½1111½6,0
5IMMoulthun Ly2480AUS½½½½*0½1115,5
6IMPijpers Arthur2476NED½0½01*1½½15,0
7IMWillemze Thomas2418NED0000½0*½113,0
8FMDe Ruiter Danny2312NED½½000½½*½02,5
9Van Foreest Lucas2350NED-0½00½0½*12,5
10WGMHaast Anne2381NED000½00010*1,5
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