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Torneo LII Aniversario UENM CAP PMOM Cat Sub 09ABS Los Teques

Last update 29.02.2016 02:15:54, Creator/Last Upload: ramon chalmeta ugas

Starting rank

1Blanco Ramirez Esmeralda ElizabethVEN0
2Caldera Aparicio Angel AlejandroVEN0
3Diaz Urbina Maria VictoriaVEN0
4Gil Vargas Samuel MoisesVEN0
5Laguado Limas Andres DavidVEN0
6Marquina Bustamante Maria GabrielaVEN0
7Matos Zapata Christian AlejandroVEN0
8Perera Pinzon Diego AleandroVEN0
9Perez Gonzalez Diego AlejandroVEN0
10Pisani Rebilla Andrea ElaineVEN0
11Quintana BryanVEN0
12Rivero Ochoa Alan AlexisVEN0
13Rodriguez Guanipa Wismely CoromotoVEN0
14Zambrano Chavez Yordy GabrielVEN0