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9th ACA fide rating chess tournament below 1600- Feb 13th to 15th---- 2016

Last update 15.02.2016 13:22:36, Creator/Last Upload: balasai chess academy

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Shibin K Benny1515IND108b1 43w½ 39b1103w1 12b1 11w1 6b1 4w1 3b½8,050,046,047,50
2Sanoop P B1505IND 71b1 22w1 6b0105w1 76b1 23w1 10b1 5w½ 12b17,549,545,042,75
3Kishore Dev S.1462IND 84b1 70w½ 77b1164w1 14b½ 62w1 8b1 6w1 1w½7,548,043,542,25
4Vineesh P S1464IND138w1 86b1 95w1 14b½ 38w1 37b1 7w1 1b0 13w17,548,043,540,25
5Paulson Frenchy1475IND 54w1 25b½ 85w½ 66b1 86w1 30b1 20w1 2b½ 11w17,547,042,542,50
6Eldho Skaria1387IND183w1 80b1 2w1 26b1 36w1 20b1 1w0 3b0 27b17,051,546,539,00
7Bright Lee M Sunilkumar1528IND 97w1112b1 30w1 10b1 20w0 14w1 4b0 38b1 21w17,049,044,540,00
8Akhil Vijayakumar1513IND 88w1 50b1 58w1 20b0 25w1 59b1 3w0 28b1 23w17,047,042,038,00
9Krishna Raaju J1350IND137b1111w1 27b1 12w½ 11w0 15b½ 67w1 36b1 20w17,046,042,036,50
10Unni Krishnan Pg1444IND134b1 72w1 75b1 7w0 65w1 24b1 2w0 49b1 30w17,046,041,034,50
11Bala Ganeshan1446IND106b1 41w½ 32b1 60w1 9b1 1b0 42w1 21w1 5b06,550,545,536,25
12Syam Hari H V1444IND109w1 35b1 66w1 9b½ 1w0 90b1 37w1 17b1 2w06,550,045,535,00
13Sidharth A Kumar1266IND136b1 21w1133w1 36b0 17w½ 44b1 26w1 16b1 4b06,546,543,033,75
14Athul Jyothish A1406IND154b1 87w1113b1 4w½ 3w½ 7b0 53w1 40b½ 48w16,546,542,532,50
15Sudheer K B1491IND155w1 61b0 88w½ 55b1 64w1 9w½ 22b½ 42b1 45w16,544,039,533,75
16Joseph S A1529IND 73b½148w1 43b½ 22w½ 70b1 87w1 18b1 13w0 44w16,544,039,532,25
17Ranjith Kaliyarasan1471IND107w1 24b0 71w1 61w1 13b½ 60b1 58w1 12w0 39b16,543,539,032,25
18Murali R Krishnan1399IND 64w0 31b1107w½ 73b1 41w1 47b1 16w0 60b1 37w16,543,538,534,00
19Kabhilan S1474IND 79b1 62w1 69b1 24w0 72w1 58b0 85w1 48b½ 40w16,541,036,032,25
20Surya Prakash J1430IND 94b1100w1 61b1 8w1 7b1 6w0 5b0 46w1 9b06,050,546,033,00
21Sudarsan P1424IND 57w1 13b0 54w1 91b1 48w1 85b1 36w1 11b0 7b06,046,542,031,00
22Abhinav Chakrapani Santhalaya1332IND150w1 2b0 40w1 16b½ 31w1 63b½ 15w½ 93b1 29w½6,046,542,030,00
23Raj Kumar B1392IND 81w1130b1 45w½ 47b½ 67w1 2b0 32w1 63b1 8b06,046,541,531,50
24Sreedeep C V1310IND190w+ 17w1 52b1 19b1 37w0 10w0 27b0109w1 74b16,046,042,033,00
25Benny Thomas1317IND168b1 5w½ 51b½ 27w1 8b0147w1 74b0 79w1 63w16,045,541,029,00
26Aanandha Kumar M S1493IND 96b1105w1 42b1 6w0 34b0 56w1 13b0119w1 61b16,044,040,028,50
27Sameer C1453IND 98w1 91b1 9w0 25b0108w1 86b1 24w1 58b1 6w06,044,039,528,00
28Binu Sebastian1392IND 33b0 99w1 46b0122w1175b1149w1 35b1 8w0 65b16,042,538,527,50
29Ananthapadmanabh D V1440IND 40b1 32w½ 41b½113w1 87b0 65w1 61b1 39w½ 22b½6,042,538,030,50
30Pragadesh P1376IND167b1129w1 7b0175w1149b1 5w0109b1 74w1 10b06,042,038,523,00
31Gopi Mohanan M S0IND 39b½ 18w0135b1100w1 22b0 41w½149b+ 62w1 69b16,042,038,029,00
32Mohana Praba R B1266IND117w1 29b½ 11w0 78b1103w½ 92w1 23b0 75w1 68b16,042,038,028,50
33Vinod K Kuttappan1091IND 28w1 59b½164w0 50b½ 91w1 77w1 68b0 85b1 66w16,040,536,030,25
34Aji Kumar A1347IND163w1 37b0124w1129b1 26w1 36b0 49w0 97b1 67w16,039,035,525,50
35Arun S1283IND140b1 12w0129b0 99w1118b1110w1 28w0103b1 58w16,037,534,024,50
36Prabeesh K1468IND 46b1 56w1151b1 13w1 6b0 34w1 21b0 9w0 53b½5,549,043,529,25
37Kalyanaraghavan.V.S1552IND175b1 34w1103b½ 44w1 24b1 4w0 12b0 89w1 18b05,545,541,526,50
38Sandeep Santhosh1394IND135b1184w1 60b½ 45w1 4b0 43w½ 62b1 7w0 56b½5,545,541,026,50
39Girish G1324IND 31w½162b1 1w0 88b1 46w½ 64b1104w1 29b½ 17w05,545,041,024,00
40Abel Saju Chazhoor1138IND 29w0191b+ 22b0125b1 66w1 76w1 43b1 14w½ 19b05,544,540,527,75
41Sivashankar M1280IND125w1 11b½ 29w½ 52w½ 18b0 31b½ 64w1 59b½ 93w15,544,540,027,75
42Sahoo Sushant Kumar1377IND141w1 64b1 26w0 80b1 47w½130b1 11b0 15w0 87b15,544,039,525,75
43Mohith R1336IND128w1 1b½ 16w½176b1 63w½ 38b½ 40w0 71b1 49w½5,543,539,526,00
44Sudheer M K1388IND166w1 48b1 90w½ 37b0 45b1 13w0130w+ 87w1 16b05,543,038,525,75
45Arjun Sidharth S1268IND170b1 68w1 23b½ 38b0 44w0135w1 47b1 52w1 15b05,542,539,025,00
46Safar Hussain1165IND 36w0185b1 28w1 89w½ 39b½103b1 59w1 20b0 50w½5,542,038,024,75
47Ahamed Abid P0IND 76b1 89w1147b½ 23w½ 42b½ 18w0 45w0 90b1 86w15,542,037,526,50
48Abdul Samad Erumali(blind)1252IND179b1 44w0143b1132w1 21b0131w1 75b1 19w½ 14b05,541,037,523,25
49Ravikumar P1225IND187b+103b0123w1151w1 59b0 69w1 34b1 10w0 43b½5,540,536,525,75
50Hari R Chandran1326IND102b1 8w0 94b½ 33w½124b1129w½ 96b1 68w½ 46b½5,540,036,024,50
51Sathyaraj G1470IND 83w1 85b½ 25w½ 62b0 97w1 53b0114b½ 96w1 82w15,540,035,526,25
52Karmakar Ramen1418IND115b1 65w1 24w0 41b½ 60w0 88b1 90w1 45b0 91w15,540,035,525,25
53Nithyan S1299IND111b0101w1115b0142w1 94b1 51w1 14b0110w1 36w½5,538,034,024,25
54Chandran M.V.1178IND 5b0145w1 21b0178w1131b0111w1 92b½100w1104b15,537,535,019,25
55Swaminathan K1245IND148b½ 73w0136b1 15w0166b1 68w0165b1 92w1 89b15,535,032,020,00
56Yugesh Maitreyan S1293IND182w1 36b0116w0156b1176w1 26b0120w1104b1 38w½5,534,532,017,75
57Prabhu Veluswamy1122IND 21b0136w½148b½169w½161b1 70w1 89b0132w1 95w15,533,030,020,25
58Unnikrishnan Sasthamkunnel1371IND165b1 78w1 8b0 96w1115b1 19w1 17b0 27w0 35b05,045,541,523,00
59Vishnu P Menon1380IND 99b1 33w½ 73b1 63b½ 49w1 8w0 46b0 41w½ 60b½5,044,039,025,25
60Shankar Kumar1275IND161b1110w1 38w½ 11b0 52b1 17w0129b1 18w0 59w½5,043,039,521,25
61Krishnan Namboodiri P1321IND145b1 15w1 20w0 17b0120w1117b1 29w0106b1 26w05,043,039,021,00
62Sharsha Backer1319IND181w1 19b0120w1 51w1147b1 3b0 38w0 31b0106w15,043,039,020,00
63Sami Durai S1484IND121b1 77w½ 70b1 59w½ 43b½ 22w½105b1 23w0 25b05,042,538,523,75
64Samson D Cruz J1103IND 18b1 42w0119b1 75w1 15b0 39w0 41b0126w1113b15,042,538,523,50
65Roshan Haris1258IND123w1 52b0183w1131w1 10b0 29b0 81w1112b1 28w05,042,538,521,00
66Rijesh A V1324IND139b1 74w1 12b0 5w0 40b0122w1134b1 73w1 33b05,042,039,020,00
67Abhishek S1229IND147b0137w1111b1 69w1 23b0132w1 9b0 76w1 34b05,041,037,521,00
68Shashidhar Rai B1439IND157w1 45b0121w1 86b0114w½ 55b1 33w1 50b½ 32w05,041,037,023,75
69Jinan Jomon1373IND118w1116b1 19w0 67b0 82w1 49b0 83w1 72b1 31w05,041,037,023,00
70Sankaran Ponnada Krishnaswamy1288IND152w1 3b½ 63w0166b1 16w0 57b0 88w1114b½116w15,040,537,020,75
71Indrajith Unnikrishnan1201IND 2w0128b1 17b0118w0127b1 78w1147b+ 43w0110b15,040,536,521,00
72Adithya Narayanan1271IND191w1 10b0 81w1 92w1 19b0104b0118w1 69w0109b15,040,036,021,50
73Laiju Ct1217IND 16w½ 55b1 59w0 18w0165b½150b1117w1 66b0123w15,039,536,521,25
74Shiva Rama Krishna M1498IND114w1 66b0108w1 90b1 85w0119b1 25w1 30b0 24w05,039,535,522,50
75Thulaseedharan K1353IND174w1158b1 10w0 64b0106w1 83b1 48w0 32b0114w15,039,036,517,50
76Colaco Vernon Jesus1349IND 47w0159b1106w1116b1 2w0 40b0115w1 67b0107w15,039,035,019,00
77Adarsh Narayanan1323IND180w1 63b½ 3w0107b½157w1 33b0106w0156b1120w15,037,034,016,50
78Aadithya Pradeep0IND153w1 58b0130w½ 32w0154b½ 71b0177w1121b1108w15,036,033,019,00
79Dhanesh P H1178IND 19w0180b1 92b0150w1 93w0125b1133w1 25b0103w15,036,033,016,00
80John Veny Akkarakarn1246IND146b1 6w0139b1 42w0104w0141b½136w1107b½117w15,035,031,517,75
81Navaneeth Mahijan1090IND 23b0160w1 72b0104b0139w1113w1 65b0151w1119b15,034,031,017,00
82Vijayaraghavan G1173IND104w0181b1131b0158w1 69b0126w1132b1105w1 51b05,033,030,516,00
83Jayadev R Balan1172IND 51b0171w1132b0127w1151b1 75w0 69b0137w1105b15,033,030,016,50
84Vedhanayaki K1158IND 3w0182b1 93w0162b1153w0177b1103w0159b1112w+5,032,030,013,50
85Sidharth P G1304IND171b1 51w½ 5b½110w1 74b1 21w0 19b0 33w0 98b½4,545,041,020,25
86Shihabudheen E1293IND176b1 4w0122b1 68w1 5b0 27w0101b½ 94w1 47b04,544,040,017,75
87Manilal K.R1253IND173w1 14b0156w1133b1 29w1 16b0 93w½ 44b0 42w04,540,537,517,25
88Aadithya Sumod1210IND 8b0178w1 15b½ 39w0102b1 52w0 70b0165w1129b14,540,037,015,75
89Anand Rajan1356IND144w1 47b0 98w1 46b½ 90w0138b1 57w1 37b0 55w04,540,036,519,25
90Praveen Lawrence1260IND177b1 92w1 44b½ 74w0 89b1 12w0 52b0 47w0142b14,540,036,517,50
91Vaishag P V1292IND126b1 27w0142b1 21w0 33b0 99w½166b1101w1 52b04,540,036,517,25
92Kutty T P C1418IND120w1 90b0 79w1 72b0121w1 32b0 54w½ 55b0134w14,539,535,518,75
93Abdul Gafoor K.1385IND129b0167w1 84b1149w0 79b1 98w1 87b½ 22w0 41b04,538,034,518,75
94Infant Jose H1126IND 20w0117b1 50w½153b½ 53w0 95b½164w+ 86b0133w14,538,034,518,75
95Krishnadev S Nair1356IND101b1143w1 4b0115w0 98b0 94w½135b1129w1 57b04,537,033,516,50
96Harshavardhan Anand Palaniswam1182IND 26w0150b1104w1 58b0133w½164b1 50w0 51b0146w14,537,033,516,25
97Nived Sreesobh1217IND 7b0186w1176b0141w1 51b0142w1152b1 34w0 99b½4,536,033,513,25
98Nikilesh G K1151IND 27b0126w1 89b0139w1 95w1 93b0112w0152b1 85w½4,536,032,517,25
99Abel Abraham Sunish1045IND 59w0 28b0185w1 35b0182w1 91b½108w½155b1 97w½4,535,533,513,50
100Pandiyan J1265IND172w1 20b0166w½ 31b0117w0161b1138w1 54b0135w14,534,031,014,00
101Abhishek Vijayan K0IND 95w0 53b0152w0171b1170w1155b1 86w½ 91b0138w14,532,029,514,25
102Gautham Krishna P P0IND 50w0114b0192w1138b½ 88w0159b½157w1134b½155w+4,530,527,515,25
103Amal Raj N R1387IND142b1 49w1 37w½ 1b0 32b½ 46w0 84b1 35w0 79b04,045,541,018,75
104Shibu M P1471IND 82b1113w0 96b0 81w1 80b1 72w1 39b0 56w0 54w04,041,036,520,00
105Sasikumar.S1327IND127w1 26b0157w1 2b0134w1115b1 63w0 82b0 83w04,039,536,014,00
106Sreejith Paramparambath1151IND 11w0152b1 76b0111w1 75b0148w1 77b1 61w0 62b04,039,035,515,50
107Jayaprakash M1175IND 17b0168w1 18b½ 77w½132b0176w1131b½ 80w½ 76b04,038,536,015,00
108Prabhakaran K1216IND 1w0163b1 74b0167w1 27b0165w½ 99b½122w1 78b04,038,035,512,75
109Anjitha Krishnakumar1149IND 12b0140w0168b1170w1112w1153b1 30w0 24b0 72w04,037,535,013,50
110Raja V1441IND124w1 60b0114w1 85b0155w1 35b0121w1 53b0 71w04,037,533,515,50
111Padmaesh M K0IND 53w1 9b0 67w0106b0183w1 54b0167w1120b0156w14,037,034,014,00
112Abdul Majeed K M1335IND178b1 7w0134b1147w0109b0116w1 98b1 65w0 84b-4,037,034,013,50
113Rutherford S1299IND185w1104b1 14w0 29b0129w0 81b0150w1118b1 64w04,037,034,013,00
114Midhun Kumar M A1190IND 74b0102w1110b0144w1 68b½133b½ 51w½ 70w½ 75b04,037,033,516,50
115Ebin Benny1120IND 52w0172b1 53w1 95b1 58w0105w0 76b0123b0152w14,037,033,516,00
116Mohammed Sudheer P P1096IND131b1 69w0 56b1 76w0119b0112b0140w1148w1 70b04,036,533,516,00
117Sivarajan V0IND 32b0 94w0186b1154w1100b1 61w0 73b0124w1 80b04,036,533,512,00
118Anupam M Sreekumar1018IND 69b0132w0126b1 71b1 35w0175w1 72b0113w0148b14,035,532,015,00
119Jamal Muhammad M1301IND162w0144b1 64w0183b1116w1 74w0124b1 26b0 81w04,035,032,014,00
120Adithya A Chullikkad1109IND 92b0177w1 62b0148w1 61b0151w1 56b0111w1 77b04,035,032,012,50
121Sumukh M G1179IND 63w0127b1 68b0128w1 92b0137w1110b0 78w0158b14,034,531,013,50
122Yadukrishnan P P1087IND133w0192b1 86w0 28b0168w1 66b0125w1108b0160w14,033,030,012,00
123Sreeraj P0IND 65b0154w1 49b0135w0128b1134w0144b1115w1 73b04,032,529,514,00
124Shreya S Pillai1143IND110b0161w1 34b0140w1 50w0160b1119w0117b0150w14,032,529,512,00
125Samarth Prabhu Nasnodkar0IND 41b0134w0137b1 40w0144b1 79w0122b0178w1154b14,032,029,011,50
126Rajendran A0IND 91w0 98b0118w0174b1156w1 82b0163w1 64b0159w14,031,529,010,50
127Dinesh P R0IND105b0121w0146b1 83b0 71w0172b1155w0170b1157w+4,030,027,512,00
128Ananthu T S0IND 43b0 71w0160b1121b0123w0185w1148b0168w1151b14,029,027,010,00
129Sarguru Gugan S C1070IND 93w1 30b0 35w1 34w0113b1 50b½ 60w0 95b0 88w03,542,037,517,25
130Varun Sudarshan1258IND160b1 23w0 78b½165w1164b1 42w0 44b- -0 -03,538,535,512,50
131Vijayakumar R1393IND116w0141b1 82w1 65b0 54w1 48b0107w½ -0 -03,538,534,516,00
132Krishna M K Ramanatha1385IND156w0118b1 83w1 48b0107w1 67b0 82w0 57b0137w½3,537,534,014,75
133Gopikrishna Padmakumari Balasa1388IND122b1149w1 13b0 87w0 96b½114w½ 79b0142w½ 94b03,537,033,014,50
134Sreenidhi C V1147IND 10w0125b1112w0152b+105b0123b1 66w0102w½ 92b03,537,033,013,00
135Somanshu Saha1097IND 38w0173b½ 31w0123b1159w1 45b0 95w0169b1100b03,535,032,510,25
136Sneha Haridas0IND 13w0 57b½ 55w0159b0174w1154w1 80b0157b0167w13,534,532,010,25
137Adarsh Mannattil0IND 9w0 67b0125w0185b1172w1121b0160w1 83b0132b½3,534,031,59,25
138Amal Raj1158IND 4b0176w0145b1102w½169b1 89w0100b0143w1101b03,533,030,59,50
139Hariharan S0IND 66w0155b1 80w0 98b0 81b0183w+156w0177b1141w½3,532,029,510,75
140Sahithyan D0IND 35w0109b1153w0124b0141b0178w1116b0144w½165b+3,531,529,010,50
141Kavya P1044IND 42b0131w0171b1 97b0140w1 80w½151b0154w½139b½3,531,528,511,00
142Aarav Dengla1081IND103w0169b1 91w0 53b0162w1 97b0170w1133b½ 90w03,531,029,08,25
143Allen Thomas Sunish0IND188w+ 95b0 48w0155b0177w0182b1146w½138b0169w13,529,027,08,25
144Aagney Narayanan A0IND 89b0119w0191b+114b0125w0162b1123w0140b½172w13,529,026,59,00
145Kokila Devi V0IND 61w0 54b0138w0179b0163w0186w1185b+167b½166b+3,527,525,56,75
146Yadhukrishna V0IND 80w0183b0127w0181b1150b0173w1143b½166w1 96b03,527,525,09,00
147Abdul Raheem K A1565IND 67w1164b½ 47w½112b1 62w0 25b0 71w- -0 -03,039,535,514,25
148Yogeshwaran R0IND 55w½ 16b0 57w½120b0173w1106b0128w1116b0118w03,037,533,512,00
149Ramakrishnan T V1246IND169w1133b0158w1 93b1 30w0 28b0 31w- -0 -03,036,033,59,00
150Arul Prakash N0IND 22b0 96w0179b1 79b0146w1 73w0113b0162w1124b03,036,032,59,50

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Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable