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Karpos Open 2016

Last update 07.04.2016 15:29:39, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of macedonia (1)

Player overview for den

60FMPercivaldi Martin2306DEN1½½11010½5,53824732040,60

Results of the last round for den

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
FMPercivaldi MartinDEN23065 ½ - ½5 WIMTsolakidou StavroulaGRE2355

Player details for den

FM Percivaldi Martin 2306 DEN Rp:2473 Pts. 5,5
185FMKralevski Aleksander2169MKD4,0s 10,680,32206,40
25GMGeorgiev Kiril2631BUL7,5w ½0,130,37207,40
317GMBlagojevic Dragisa2509MNE6,0s ½0,240,26205,20
4135WCMArda Cagil Irmak1934TUR4,0w 10,900,10202,00
534IMYilmazyerli Mert2444TUR5,0w 10,310,692013,80
66GMKozul Zdenko2600CRO6,0s 00,15-0,1520-3,00
736GMTosic Miroslav2418SRB6,0w 10,350,652013,00
826IMAli Marandi Cemil Can2473TUR7,0s 00,28-0,2820-5,60
948WIMTsolakidou Stavroula2355GRE5,5w ½0,430,07201,40