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New Providence Open 2016

Last update 31.01.2016 22:51:51, Creator/Last Upload: bahamas chess federation

Starting rank

1CMMoncur Cecil10400583BAH1842
2CMKnowles Kendrick10400451BAH1831
3Hanna Jr Philip10400559BAH1690
4Small Byron10400044BAH1652
5WCMJohnson Daijah10400591BAH1575
6Karelina Polina10400222BAH1566
7CMSmith Nathan61400220BAH1558
8Stuart Clive10400761BAH1431
9Dawkins Jermaine10400923BAH1400
10Smith Gurth10400710BAH1337
11Sawyer Justin10400931BAH1300
12Miller Samuel10400907BAH1112
13Ellis Rickia10400702BAH1069