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Clubmeisterschaft Schachclub Triesen 2015

Last update 21.01.2016 22:27:57, Creator/Last Upload: liechtensteiner schachverband

Starting rank

1Bally GiselaLIE1200
2Beck ChristieLIE1200
3Beck GilbertLIE1200
4Büchel WallyLIE1200
5Canonica RomeLIE1200
6Haas-Beck RenateLIE1200
7Hasler MargritLIE1200
8Hasler MartinLIE1200
9Keller DanielLIE1200
10Laukas EugenLIE1200
11Marxer ElisabethLIE1200
12Marxer HildegardLIE1200
13Marxer YvonneLIE1200
14Marzek MarthaLIE1200
15Risch WolfiLIE1200
16Suppan TraudeLIE1200
17Walch Hans PeterLIE1200
18Klaus WalterLIE1200
19Wanger CarmenLIE1200
20Zorc VladimirLIE1200