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2016 Australian Juniors Under 18 Open

Last update 24.01.2016 04:57:31, Creator/Last Upload: australian chess enterprises

Starting rank

1IMDale Ari3213145AUS2354
2Gong Patrick3222500AUS2061
3Maguire Tom3221385AUS2045
4Han Eddie3213749AUS1870
5Slater-Jones Tom3213668AUS1860
6Gregoric Peter3226620AUS1824
7Tsai Charles3216497AUS1821
8Yang Ray3220281AUS1821
9Christian Kashish3209920AUS1689
10Johnston Thomas3226859AUS1629
11White Henry3226654AUS1474
12Lee Joel3225755AUS1384
13Hammat Aaron ScottAUS1126