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VIII Circuito CE OESTE - Esc. Sec. D. Ines Castro -3º Ciclo-Secundario 2008/2009

Last update 26.03.2009 18:11:44, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Correia RafaelPOR1431EB23/Sec S Martinho Porto6,00,026,029,5
22Pereira Manuel RochaPOR1480EB23/Sec S Martinho Porto5,50,024,031,0
35Silva RodolfoPOR1419EB23/Sec S Martinho Porto5,50,023,529,5
44Santos Ines LimaPOR1428Agrup Vert Peniche5,50,023,528,5
51Lopes RuiPOR1580Ext Coop Benedita5,00,021,527,5
67Pessoa Andre RodriguesPOR1350EB23/Sec S Martinho Porto5,00,021,025,5
724Camargo LucasPOR1200Ext. Joao Alberto Faria5,00,020,028,5
821Almeida MarioPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita5,00,016,021,0
96Silva Joao PedroPOR1408EB23/Sec S Martinho Porto4,50,021,528,5
1015Martins RuiPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc4,50,019,525,5
1136Pereira BernardoPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc4,50,019,524,0
1220Almeida BrunoPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita4,50,017,524,5
1311Constantino LuisPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc4,50,015,520,5
1410Borges JoaoPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc4,00,018,025,0
159Baptista FranciscoPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc4,00,018,024,5
1635Norte Claudio JosePOR1200Ext Coop Benedita4,00,018,024,0
1718Rosa HenriquePOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc4,00,017,025,5
1819Agostinho JoaoPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc4,00,015,019,5
1923Areias BrunoPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc4,00,014,021,5
2016Raimundo JoaoPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc4,00,013,024,5
2142Trilho Joao PedroPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc4,00,013,022,0
2214Ferreira GonçaloPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc3,50,017,526,5
2333Martins Joao PauloPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita3,50,014,523,0
2443Vicente Joao MiguelPOR1200Agrup Vert Peniche3,50,012,522,5
2546Cruz RicardoPOR1350Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc3,00,015,026,0
2622Alves MarianaPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita3,00,015,022,0
2727Felizardo DavidPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita3,00,013,023,5
2812Diogo SusanaPOR1250Ext. Joao Alberto Faria3,00,012,022,0
2944Vicente PedroPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc3,00,012,019,5
3039Rodrigues MiguelPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc3,00,011,022,5
3113Fernandes FranciscoPOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc3,00,011,018,0
3230Gomes RicardoPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc3,00,010,020,0
3338Ribeiro Nuno SusanoPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita3,00,09,016,0
3440Santos LeandroPOR1200Agrup Vert Peniche3,00,08,016,0
3537Ribeiro JoaoPOR1200Agrup Vert Peniche3,00,07,020,5
3617Real JosePOR1250Esc Sec D Ines Castro Alc2,00,012,025,5
3725Cardoso BrunoPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc2,00,011,024,5
3828Felizardo SofiaPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita2,00,09,019,0
3931Luis Fabio DuartePOR1200Ext Coop Benedita2,00,08,021,0
4026Eustáquio PauloPOR1200Agrup Vert Peniche2,00,06,020,0
4129Ferreira MauroPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita2,00,05,018,0
32Martins DavidPOR1200Agrup Vert Peniche2,00,05,018,0
438Mendes RicardoPOR1300Esc D Pedro I1,00,07,020,0
4445Vitorino PauloPOR1200Agrup Vert Peniche1,00,07,017,0
4534Morgado TaniaPOR1200Esc Frei Est. Martins Alc1,00,02,015,5
4641Smytsky Maksym IgorovytchPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita0,50,03,519,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)