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III Trofeu THB Hotels IM

Last update 24.01.2016 18:27:16, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 158)

Starting rank list of players

7IMMinzer Claudio Javier103055ARG24342434
1IMCruz Filemon3800296PER24142414
10IMMascaro March Pedro2217570ESP23962396
9FMCuadras Avellana Jordi2200643ESP23102310
5FMAlonso Bouza Julio Javier3508889CUB22542254
6Villar Juan3802744PER22252225
4FMCubas Pons Juan Miguel2204991ESP21702170
2Kolotilina Liudmila32099568ESP21352135w
3Arroyo Salido Marcelino-Eudor2209497ESP20442044
8Machin Arbelo Pedro Alexis2260972ESP20282028