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Open Marianske Lazne 2016 - C - open 15. rocnik mezinarodniho sachoveho festivalu

Last update 23.01.2016 14:05:45, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 63

Player info

NameJaniszewski Maciej
Starting rank31
Rating national0
Rating international2003
Performance rating2041
FIDE rtg +/-24,8
Year of birth 1982


161-2not paired000,0- 0
23488Palla Ivan15670CZESk Lokomotiva Radlice3,0s ½
344104Yudin Yakov13460RUSBotvinnik Chess School3,5w 1
42768Macho Miloslav16910CZESk Valdstejn Cheb4,5s 1
52162WCMZvereva Margarita17450RUSBotvinnik Chess School5,5w 1
697FMChekletsov Ilya22460RUS6,5s 0
720100Yudin Mikhail14230RUSBotvinnik Chess School4,0w 1
81424WFMJanska Jitka20660CZESk Sokol Klatovy4,5s 1
999IMBabula Milan22340CZETj Tz Trinec5,5w 1
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