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Open Marianske Lazne 2016 - C - open 15. rocnik mezinarodniho sachoveho festivalu

Last update 23.01.2016 14:05:45, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 63

Player info

NameOchmann Reimund
Starting rank26
Rating national0
Rating international2048
Performance rating1933
FIDE rtg +/--10,6
Year of birth 1964


12587Dwilewicz Agata15810POLPolonia Wroclaw5,5s 1
22360Von Keyserlingk Chanda17600GERUsv Tu Dresden4,5w 1
3511Sprotte Norbert22150GERSc Kreuzberg Berlin6,5w 0
41643Chekletsov Egor19080RUS6,0s 0
52363Wulff Jens-Peter17420GERSv Blaz Weiss Grevesmuehlen4,5w 1
62059Becvar Miroslav17730CZESk Tachov5,0s 1
71398Meers Hubert14300POLUks Sp 8 Chrzanow5,5w 1
8910Golcman Evgeny22210RUS6,0s 0
91577Szulc Patrycja16380POLKsz Polonia Wroclaw5,0w 1
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