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Tradewise Hastings: New Year C

Last update 05.01.2016 18:43:21, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Mitchell Robert S283243128New Zealand
2Crouch Timothy J264336127Kings Head
3Woodhams Mason284709118Hastings & St Leonards
4De Santos Andrew R180180113Preston
5Lang Neil144145110Chislehurst
6Sellick Simon C118690109Bracknell
7Fraser Alan R140257107Beckenham & Bromley
8Robson Caroline J181078107Barnet Elizabeth
9Buswell Paul107788103Hastings & St Leonards
10Everitt David11036990Haywards Heath
11Jelliss George P17239481Hastings & St Leonards
12Baron Margaret E29963825Wales
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