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Tradewise Hastings: New Year B

Last update 05.01.2016 20:34:27, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Goodfellow Russell R111388ENG148Tunbridge Wells
2Bryant Marc A107571ENG147Hastings & St Leonards
3Rogal Chris S184499POL143Hendon
4Foley Phil T259148ENG142Upminster
5Bedwell Richard188134ENG141Tonbridge/Hadlow
6Newell David F116151ENG141East Cheshire
7Wood Peter C127012ENG141Hastings *
8Roberts Anthony J188628ENG137Wallasey
9Driver Nicholas P273496ENG136Guildford
10Wallace Robert (bob)193195ENG135Melton Mowbray
11Howell Oliver W272323ENG134Sussex Juniors
12Hudson Jeremy186046ENG134Hastings & St Leonards
13Bullock Lee283350ENG132London *
14Denham Colin287764WLS132Wales
15Pourmozafari Ben179904ENG129Syston
16Everett Joe296952ENG115Brighton & Hove
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