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Tradewise Hastings: New Year A

Last update 05.01.2016 19:27:37, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Howell Chris I113103ENG181Redhill
2Lawson Maurice E132063ENG180Reading
3Heppell Ian N112529ENG179Wimbledon
4Hjort Helge242398DEN179Hendon
5Shepley Julien M129556ENG179Guildford
6Tamosiunas Tomas0LTU179Lithuania
7Fowler David W248251SCO176Southampton University
8Wright Jonathan248245ENG173London *
9Anstead Jerry153281ENG172Tunbridge Wells
10Kelly Paul J130537WLS172Hastings & St Leonards
11Ponting Andrew117274ENG172Beckenham & Bromley
12Batchelor Paul A106379ENG169Brighton & Hove
13Hickman John E263300ENG169Reading
14Sutton Daniel262208ENG169Rgs Guildford
15Jackson Paul G162291ENG165Coulsdon Cf
16Lawson David114157ENG163Reading
17Heath David R112436ENG162Maidstone
18Gamble Raymond J111035ENG160Spondon
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