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Tradewise Hastings: Weekend Minor

Last update 03.01.2016 20:50:35, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Goodfellow Russell R148Tunbridge Wells
2Bryant Marc A147Hastings & St Leonards
3Marshall Chris147Rainham (kent)
4Bishop Geoffrey L143Chislehurst
5Rogal Chris S143Hendon
6Newell David F141East Cheshire
7Osborne Hugh W139Eastbourne
8Kerby Nigel P138Bishops Stortford
9Waldock Adrian Dp138Walton On Thames *
10Wiltshir Rich138Rushall
11Gillett Paul A137Cirencester
12Roberts Anthony J137Wallasey
13Britnell Matthew J135Lewes
14Namouk Omer A135Hastings & St Leonards
15Hudson Jeremy134Hastings & St Leonards
16Mountford Corinne134Hertford
17Bullock Lee132London *
18Costeloe C Andrew J129Muswell Hill
19Fleischer Jeff H128Coulsdon Cf
20Mitchell Robert S128New Zealand
21Osborne Keith C128Lewes
22Stone Mark R128Petts Wood & Orpington
23Crouch Timothy J127Kings Head
24Jones Michael R125Chislehurst
25Willson Gary125Hastings & St Leonards
26Cain Michael124Brighton & Hove
27Newton Richard123Winchester
28Forbes Douglas M121Gerrards Cross
29Kolani Arjun117Sussex Juniors
30Minshull Grant115Brighton & Hove
31Gaudeau Alain113Middlesex *
32Sellick Simon C109Bracknell
33Mcgladdery David G97Worthing
34Harvey Derek0Hastings & St Leonards
35Jebari Omar0Middlesex Congresses
36Ellinger William109Sussex *
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