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Tradewise Hastings: Weekend U120

Last update 03.01.2016 20:50:28, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Woodhams Mason284709118Hastings & St Leonards
2Le Baigue Clive J188128115Margate
3Garfield Alex297606114Kent Junior Congresses
4Smart Robert232687112Hastings & St Leonards
5Ellinger William200211109Sussex *
6Wallman James267739108Dorset *
7Fraser Alan R140257107Beckenham & Bromley
8Pontonutti Anna264185107Hastings & St Leonards
9Robson Caroline J181078107Barnet Elizabeth
10Archer David J179527105Godalming
11Chadwick Susan E176063105Brighton & Hove
12Oyama Harunobu0105
13Buswell Paul107788103Hastings & St Leonards
14Oakman Steve247339103Hastings & St Leonards
15Johnson Mark293018100Colchester
16Metcalfe Charles (charlie) P29547794Sussex Congresses
17Verma Shlok29558991Ilford
18Everitt David11036990Haywards Heath
19Tselos Aristotelis090
20Jelliss George P17239481Hastings & St Leonards
21Ratnesan Radha29685979Surrey Juniors
22Tselos Alexandros058
23Tournier Patrice29998737Hastings & St Leonards
24Baron Margaret E29963825Wales
25Steuart Lona2838773Hastings & St Leonards
26Johnson Zoe2991630Colchester *
27Madeline Michael18540649Eastbourne
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