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Tradewise Hastings: Weekend Major

Last update 03.01.2016 20:50:42, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1De Coverly Roger D405213ENG2077Bourne End
2Batchelor Paul A404225ENG2042Brighton & Hove
3Tamosiunas Tomas12801194LTU2031Lithuania
4Sedgwick David404020ENG1973Mushrooms
5Hickman John E408565ENG1965Reading
6Heath Chris WENG1953Horsham
7Hjort Helge1436678DEN1938Hendon
8Luaces Alfredo2217015ESP1919Hastings & St Leonards
9Wright Jonathan418331ENG1902London *
10Fowler David W2461595SCO1897Southampton University
11Hayward Philip T20672870ENG1895Oxford City
12Batchelor Guy J423106ENG1890Willesden & Brent
13Gartside Carl429945ENG1866Clay Cross
14Jacobs RobertENG1863Tunbridge Wells
15Pooley Robert F440906ENG1863Herne Bay
16Jackson Paul G468614ENG1859Coulsdon Cf
17Kelly Paul J1801392WLS1851Hastings & St Leonards
18Butt Laurence440884ENG1840Hastings & St Leonards
19O'gorman Brendan419214ENG1823Dhss
20Verma Aditya426202ENG1811Ilford
21Schmerwitz Reinhard24646539GER1810Germany
22Faulkner Martin J437891ENG1804Coulsdon Cf
23Cavendish Joshua Z418005ENG1801Hendon
24Cove Henry430420ENG1768Weald Of Kent
25Mahoney Nicholas414700ENG1752Doncaster City
26Cocks Elliot444545ENG1728Essex Juniors
27Foley Phil T415871ENG1675Upminster
28Denham Colin1802488WLS1658Wales
29Hart Dyke James E440892ENG1649Weald Of Kent
30Sit Victoria425524ENG1623Coulsdon Cf
31Ratnesan Ranesh439339ENG1622Kingston *
32Davidson Laura J430749ENG1428Sandhurst
33Brooke John468630ENG1770Rose Forgrove
34Mckenna John R406180ENG1731Crystal Palace
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