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Tradewise Hastings: Christmas Morning D

Last update 01.01.2016 13:45:25, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Fraser Chris A120West Bridgford
2Woodhams Mason118Hastings & St Leonards
3Cosens Derek115Hastings & St Leonards
4De Santos Andrew R113Preston Crusaders
5Smart Robert112Hastings & St Leonards
6Fraser Alan R107Beckenham & Bromley
7Robson Caroline J107Barnet Elizabeth
8Buswell Paul103Hastings & St Leonards
9Chapman Chas103CSCC + Fareham
10Oakman Steve103Hastings & St Leonards
11Everitt David90Haywards Heath
12Jelliss George P81Hastings & St Leonards
13Richardson Roy M75Hastings & St Leonards
14Tournier Patrice37Hastings & St Leonards
15Baron Margaret E25Haverford West
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