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Tradewise Hastings: Christmas Morning C

Last update 01.01.2016 14:10:38, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Waldock Adrian DP138Walton-on-Thames
2Roberts Anthony J137Wallasey
3Hudson Jeremy134Hastings & St Leonards
4Moore John TA133Eastbourne
5Bullock Lee132Hackney
6Denham Colin132Haverford West
7Tassell Hugh G132Tunbridge Wells
8Collins Alan131Cowleys
9Fleischer Jeff H128Coulsdon
10Crouch Timothy J127Kings Head
11Allen Timothy S121Battersea
12Brooke Ian R121Oxford City
13Cload Adrian121Hastings & St Leonards
14Forbes Douglas M121Gerrards Cross
15Naldrett Geoff W121Gerrards Cross
16Sellick Simon C109Bracknell
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