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Tradewise Hastings: Christmas Morning B

Last update 01.01.2016 14:34:24, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Wilson Matthew R159Devon
2McAleenan Charles T158Athenarum
3Deswarte Ian156Guildford
4Potter Mark156Salisbury
5Nyman John CH154Kings Head
6O'Gorman Brendan153DHSS
7Hibbitt Arthur M152Banbury
8Page Martin C153Insurance
9Goodfellow Russell R148Tunbridge Wells
10Schmerwitz Reinhard148Germany
11Bryant Marc A147Hastings & St Leonards
12Boswell Jacob Connor145Cheddleton & Leek
13Fowler David J143Snodland
14Mahoney Nicholas143Doncaster City
15Foley Phil T142Upminster
16Moore Gillian A139Southampton
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