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Tradewise Hastings: Christmas Morning A

Last update 01.01.2016 14:35:17, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Burnett Jim196Doncaster Chess Society
2Hjort Helge179Hastings & St Leonards
3Ai Farshad176Sheffield
4Wright Jonathan173Richmond
5Anstead Jerry172Tunbridge Wells & Hastings
6Kelly Paul J172Hastings & St Leonards
7Hickman John E169Reading
8Stokes Paul C167Battersea
9Lichte Martin166Germany
10Cutmore Martin J164Folkestone
11Kane Robert (Bob) B164West London
12Chapman Matt162Fareham
13Heath David R162Maidstone
14Gartside Carl161Clay Cross
15Rumsey Victor B161Battersea
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