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Damak Multiple Campus Intra Chess Championship 2015

Last update 28.12.2015 09:48:23, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1Acharya SabinNEP0Damak Campus
2Rajbanshi ThomanathNEP0Damak Campus
3Bhattarai DipakNEP0Damak Campus
4Dahal SujanNEP0Damak Campus
5Das AkhileshNEP0Damak Campus
6Dhimal NirmalNEP0Damak Campus
7Gurung ManojNEP0Damak Campus
8Kattel SardhaNEP0Damak Campus
9Lawati Aash HangNEP0Damak Campus
10Lawati AshishNEP0Damak Campus
11Limbu NabinNEP0Damak Campus
12Limbu SaranNEP0Damak Campus
13Limbu SewanNEP0Damak Campus
14Rai MausamNEP0Damak Campus
15Neupane BikashNEP0Damak Campus
16Niraula BikashNEP0Damak Campus
17Niraula RakeshNEP0Damak Campus
18Paudel SangamNEP0Damak Campus
19Poudel YunishNEP0Damak Campus
20Rai SagarNEP0Damak Campus
21Rai SubashNEP0Damak Campus
22Rai SunhangNEP0Damak Campus
23Rai SunilNEP0Damak Campus
24Rai YubarajNEP0Damak Campus
25Sharma Shit KumarNEP0Damak Campus
26Tajpuriya Puspa KumarNEP0Damak Campus
27Rajbansi ManojNEP0Damak Campus