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Torneo Blitz FIN DE AÑO Club Los Profesionales

Last update 27.12.2015 03:53:21, Creator/Last Upload: liga caldense de ajedrez

Starting rank

1Munoz Jhon Edison4403797CAL2323Club Jaque
2Castano Julian Marcelo4404874CAL2067
3Molina Gildardo4403827VAL2052
4Lopez Perdomo Juan David4405137CAL1969
5Ortegon Juan Carlos4410670CAL1916
6Rodriguez Jorge Ivan4439937CAL1888
7Coca Cubillos Jesus Alberto4462912CAL1865Jesusalbertococa@gmail.Com
8Cuervo Victor Manuel4410459CAL1818
9Bedoya Luis Angel4462874CAL1692
10Nieto AgustinCAL1678
11Grisales HeribertoCAL1600
12Velandia Jorge Alexander4463005CAL1600
13Ocampo Jaramillo LibardoCAL0