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Vangazhi Christmas chess cup 2015 B

Last update 27.12.2015 17:00:19, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

6IINagibina SofijaLAT1750Vangazi
5IVAllis Ernests11609940LAT1650Sigulda
4IVCerkasova AngelinaLAT1550Vangazi
7IVGercans Krisjanis11612533LAT1550Sigulda
2IVNagibins NikitaLAT1550Vangazi
8IVSkutans OskarsLAT1550Vangazi
1IVStrods Rudolfs Aleksandrs11612460LAT1550Incukalns
3IVVanags Renars11612410LAT1550Sigulda